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Schneider Bulk celebrates 50 years, recognizes top Tanker drivers

Schneider associates pose with the new decal recognizing the 50th anniversary of Schneider’s Bulk division.

In 2019, Schneider’s Bulk division is celebrating 50 years of excellence in the transportation of specialty chemical and liquid bulk tanker freight.

A brief history of Schneider’s Bulk Tanker division

Schneider broke into the bulk freight industry in 1969 when it acquired Kampo Transit. Renamed Schneider Tank Lines, the company started by hauling milk and fuel oil on routes in Wisconsin.

The ensuing decades brought ventures into the energy and food sectors, among others.

Schneider’s current portfolio has a strong presence in the chemical freight market, as well as a growing number of agrichemical customers. Although chemicals dominate the freight pulled by the Tanker division, two-thirds of loads are non-hazardous.

“Achieving 50 years in bulk transportation is a significant accomplishment, and we’re very proud to be one of only a few carriers to hit that mark. Of course, we owe so much of our success and longevity to the customers who trust us to move their product and the incredible drivers who deliver it safely, time after time.” –
Jason Howe, senior vice president and general manager of Schneider Bulk

Schneider’s Bulk Tanker division today

Schneider is the only carrier in the industry offering all of the following services and types of driving careers:

  • Long-haul.
  • Local.
  • Regional.
  • Cross-border.
  • Dedicated.
  • Intermodal bulk.
Schneider tanker truck in an industrial yard.

A rarity in bulk transport, Schneider’s Intermodal capability is especially unique as it provides outstanding home time opportunities for drivers.

Drivers value Schneider’s focus on safety, range of options it offers and investment in cutting-edge equipment and technology.

Schneider primarily operates stainless-steel trailers with both rear and belly unloads, rubber lining and varying compartment numbers. The fleet also includes intermodal bulk containers and unique Dedicated specialty equipment, like metered trailers.

Schneider has also been distinguished as a Responsible Care® partner by the American Chemistry Council since 2007, a testament to our reputation for safety.

Schneider Bulk decals trucks, honors drivers

To celebrate this milestone, 50th Anniversary decals were applied to six new tractors, and six deserving drivers were nominated and selected to take over behind the wheel of their new ride.


Perry Rine Schneider Tanker Driver

After serving in the U.S. Army, Perry began his Schneider career in Van Truckload, where he stayed for 20 years. He then decided to transition to Bulk where he has been for the past eight years. He was uneasy about the switch at first, but he credits the support he received from the Bulk team to helping him through the learning phase and becoming proficient in his role. Perry is a 2-Million Mile Safety Award winner.


Adrian shakes hands with a leader in front of his 50th Anniversary Bulk Carriers truck decal.

Adrian has been with Schneider’s Bulk division since 2012 and currently runs out of Keasbey, N.J. Prior to joining the Schneider family, Adrian served in the U.S. Army. He prides himself on delivering on-time loads safely to customers. When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling – especially to Canada, where he has visited numerous times.


Ed and his leader pose together in front of his new 50th Bulk Carriers Anniversary decal.

Ed has 19 years of driving experience and joined Schneider Bulk in 2004. He says the most important thing he has kept in mind over the years that helped him become the successful driver he is today is, “to never be complacent and always stay focused – one mistake can cost a lot.” When Ed is not driving, he enjoys watching sports and reading.


Ralph Vesley Schneider Tanker Driver

Ralph has spent his entire career with Schneider as part of the Bulk team. One of his best memories is working on the Safety-Kleen Dedicated account because there was a high level of camaraderie among the drivers and they always had each other’s backs. Ralph always challenges himself and Schneider to be better – he’s always asking his leader, “What more can I do for you or Schneider?”


Robert Beckner Schneider Tanker Driver

Cowboy is a Million Mile Safe Driver and a veteran who served nine years in the U.S. Army. He’s been a commercial driver for more than 40 years and with Schneider for 21 years. He served as a Master Driver for the duration of that program, and he has been a Training Engineer for multiple service offerings. Cowboy has a wealth of industry knowledge, and his feedback and recommendations have been, and still remain, a priceless tool in adding value to Bulk’s continuous improvement plan.


Will Morehead Schneider Tanker Driver

Will came to Schneider in 1990 as a flatbed driver and stayed in that role for four years before moving to Van Truckload. After 16 years, he made the switch to Bulk where he has been for the last eight years. Will achieved one million safe miles in 2011 and 10 years of consecutive safe driving in 2015. He enjoys traveling the country and the diversity of locations he is able to visit due to Schneider’s array of customers.

Congratulations to these fantastic drivers for their extensive tenure and amazing contributions to Schneider. If you see a Bulk tractor with a decal, that’s your sign to stop and say hello to one of these remarkable professional drivers.

Will you help shape the next 50 years of Schneider Bulk?

Learn more about Schneider’s Tanker driving opportunities, then make the next step to bulk up your career.

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