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Schneider's Pet Policy lets Team drivers add another cab companion

Calvin and Rhonda smile in front of their Schneider semi-truck. Calvin stands behind Rhonda, who is holding their dachshund, Harley. Calvin is wearing a brown shirt, Rhonda is wearing a cap and neon vest and Harley has a red bandana.

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In March 2021, Schneider announced that Team drivers would be able to drive with an animal companion in the cab. We made this change after receiving feedback from drivers explaining the benefits of being able to travel with their animal companion.

Schneider’s primary concern is safety, and this focus on safety extends to drivers and their pets.

That’s why allowing Team drivers to have a pet makes so much sense.

Having two drivers in a truck is ideal when traveling with an animal companion, as someone is always there to care for or handle the pet. Plus, having a second person available to care for a pet eliminates the risk of distraction for the on-duty driver.

So, how can drivers take part in Schneider’s Team Pet Policy and how does this policy enhance driver experience?

Everything you need to know about the Team Pet Policy

The new Team Pet Policy is a major announcement for Schneider, as this is the first time the company is allowing drivers to travel with a pet. The policy allows Team drivers to travel with either one dog or one cat.

The following are just a few requirements that must be met in order to take part in the Team Pet Policy, as outlined in Schneider’s Team Pet Policy video:

    • Drivers must be part of a formed team.
    • The pet must be either a cat or a dog. No other types of pets are allowed.
    • If the pet is a dog, it must be of a non-aggressive breed.
    • Pet owners must provide the proper paperwork to prove their pet is licensed and all vaccinations are up to date.
    • The pet must be properly secured in sleeper berth whenever the truck is in motion.
    • Trucks must be kept clean while traveling with a pet.
    • Drivers are not permitted to travel with their pet during orientation or training.
    • Team drivers must pay a $300 non-refundable cleaning fee in order to bring their pet in their truck.

    Team Pet Policy driver feedback: Rhonda, Calvin and Harley

    Rhonda and Calvin Foreman were one of the first driving teams to take advantage of Schneider’s new Team Pet Policy. Calvin has been a truck driver since 1998 and Rhonda, a former nurse, has been driving since Fall of 2019.

    Rhonda and Calvin have been married for 23 years and have four children, four grandchildren and a 7-year-old dachshund named Harley. As Team drivers, they spend quite a bit of time away from home and their loved ones.

    Team drivers, Rhonda and Calvin Foreman pose for a selfie in front of their grey Schneider truck with their black and brown Dachshund, Harley. Rhonda wears a cheetah print baseball cap and black shirt. Calvin holds Harley while wearing a grey t-shirt.

    Traveling with their K-9 companion

    “When it was announced that Schneider was rolling out a Team Pet Policy, we were ecstatic,” Rhonda said.

    Now, they get to take Harley on road with them. Although they still have children who can care for him at home, they said it is nice to be able to travel with their family dog.

    Rhonda said Harley’s name suits him well because he loves to ride along in the truck, or any vehicle for that matter.

    “At home, he will ride the 4-wheeler or lawnmower and takes frequent trips to our local Sonic for Milk Bones,” Rhonda said. “Harley has even been known to jump in visitors’ cars when they leave only to be discovered after they arrive home. “

    Perks of the new Team Pet Policy

    The couple said traveling with their pet has had its perks. Not only have they been able to spend more time with their dog but having Harley on the road has helped them stay more active.

    “As a team, we put in long, hard miles,” Rhonda said. “Having Harley on board has been beneficial to both of us because we have to stop and walk the dog, so we get an opportunity to stretch our legs and exercise a little more.”

    Interested in becoming a Team driver?

    Get the miles you want and the companionship you need by teaming up with a partner and a pet. Search from a variety of Team driving jobs near you.

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