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Top 50 tools for truckers to always keep in their semi

A set of tools, including various wrenches and pliers, on a wooden table.

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Truck drivers aren’t expected to be mechanics, but having a few simple truck driver tools on hand can save them a lot of time if a breakdown occurs.  

These 50 tools for truckers can help you handle those simple repairs and use when completing your everyday tasks. 

50 essential tools for truck drivers 

Basic tools 


  • 3-pound sledgehammer (short handle).
  • Medium-sized claw hammer.

Assortment of wrenches

  • Box-end/open-end/combination wrenches.
  • 7/16-inch.
  • 9/16-inch.
  • ½-inch.
  • 5/8-inch.
  • 6-to-9-inch adjustable/crescent wrenches.
  • Torque wrench.
  • Dog/dog bone wrench.
  • Fuel filter wrench.

Ratcheting screwdriver with assortment of bits

  • Flathead/slotted.
  • Phillips.
  • Torx.
  • Hex.

Assortment of pliers

  • Standard.
  • Adjustable
  • Needle nose.
  • Crimping. 
  • Vise grip set.

½-inch drive socket set


  • 5-to-6-inch LED flashlight, for coupling.
  • 6-to-8-inch LED flashlight, for inspections.
  • Extra batteries.
  • Extra bulbs.


  • Assortment ratchet/winch straps.
  • Set of bungee cords.
  • Zip ties.

Measurement tools 

  • Air pressure gauge.
  • Tire depth gauge.
  • Tape measure.

Winter maintenance items 

  • Ice scraper.
  • Extendable snow brush.
  • Squeegee.
  • Tire chains.
  • Square-point shovel.
  • Anti-freeze.

Other miscellaneous truck driver tools and supplies 

  • Small toolbox.
  • Utility knife.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Extra Gladhand seals.
  • Fifth wheel pin puller.
  • Roll of mechanic’s wire.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Roll of electrical tape.
  • Spare fuses. 
  • 25-foot, 12-gauge extension cord.
  • 2-to-3-foot steel bar.
  • 36-inch crowbar.
  • 1½-foot drive breaker bar.
  • Metal dowel rod.

Wondering what else you need in your truck?

From electronics and gadgets to cleaning supplies, there are a lot of items drivers should consider keeping in their truck. Check out 54 of these must-have items in our truck driver packing list.  
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