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Truck driver lingo: Slang and terminology you should know

Two truck drivers talking outside of a semi-truck at night.

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If you’re new to the trucking industry, it can be hard to make sense of all the truck driver slang you’ve likely never heard before. To help, we’ve compiled a list of 40 pieces of truck driving lingo you can use to decode trucking industry chatter. 

Truck driver lingo examples 

Alligator A piece of blown tire on the road. 

Backslide – Return trip. 

Big slab/road - Interstate or large highway. 

Black eye A truck with a headlight out. 

Bobtail Driving a tractor only. 

Bumper sticker A tailgating vehicle. 

Cash box/register Toll booth. 

Chicken coop A weigh station. 

Comedian – Median strip. 

Double nickel Going 55 miles per hour. 

Go-go juice/Motion lotion Diesel. 

Greasy Icy or slippery. 

Grossed out At the maximum GVWR

Hammer down Speed up. 

Hammer laneThe left lane. 

Schneider egg An orange traffic barrel. 

Skins Tires. 

Toothpicks A lumber load. 

Yardstick A mile marker. 

Zipper – Dashed lane divider. 

Trucker terminology for types of vehicles 

Covered wagon – A flatbed trailer with sidewalls and a soft top, also called a Conestoga, or curtainside, trailer. 

Draggin wagon – A tow truck.  

Four-wheeler Any passenger vehicle.  

Meat wagon An ambulance. 

Parking lot A car hauler. 

Pumpkin A Schneider tractor-trailer. 

Reefer – A refrigerated trailer 

Salt shaker A snowplow that dumps salt. 

Skateboard A flatbed, or flatbed trailer.

Wiggle wagon Double or triple trailers.

Common trucker “10 codes” 

10-1 Receiving poorly. 

10-2Receiving well. 

10-4 Acknowledgement or "OK". 

10-7 Out of service (going on break). 

10-8 In service. 

10-9 Repeat message. 

10-20 Location (e.g., "What's your 20?" means "Where are you?"). 

10-33 Emergency traffic (used when there's an urgent situation). 

10-36 – “The correct time is...” 

10-42 – “Traffic accident at...” 

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