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Top 13 truck driver tools to keep in your semi

Bob Seidl demonstrates some must-have trucker tools for truck drivers to have.

Truck drivers aren’t expected to be mechanics, but having a few simple semi-truck tools on hand can save a lot of time for easy repairs instead of waiting for emergency maintenance to get to you at a truck stop or roadside.

We filmed a Facebook Live video with million-mile driver and Schneider curriculum team member Bob Seidl, in which he walked us through the must-have trucker tools he likes to keep in a truck. Watch the video and/or read the truck driver tools list below it with all the items he mentioned.

Truck driver tools checklist

  1. Small toolbox

    with room in the tractor at a premium, a fishing tackle box can be an economical option.
  2. Crescent wrenches

    a couple different sizes are recommended.
  3. Combination wrenches

    they contain both open and box ends, and recommended sizes include 7/16”, 1/2”, 9/16” and 5/8”.
  4. Dog or dog bone wrench

    this multi-function wrench can also come with a magnet and is great for getting into awkward places.
  5. Vice grips

    two sizes recommended, great for pulling the release arm for trailer tandems.
  6. Wire cutter and electrical tape

    if there’s a bald spot on a wire, cutting and splicing can get you safely to a shop for a full fix.
  7. Ratcheting screwdriver set

    with slotted, Phillips, TORX and hex bits to cover a wide variety of needs, including headlight adjustments.
  8. 3-lb. sledgehammer

    great for releasing stuck 5th wheels and quickly checking for low tire pressure.
  9. Air pressure gauge

    if the sledgehammer reveals a different-sounding tire, use an air pressure gauge to confirm (don’t check every tire every time with a gauge).
  10. Flashlights

    it can be helpful to carry two, a smaller LED flashlight for checking 5th-wheel coupling, and a bigger one for full pre- and post-trip inspections done at night.
  11. Metal dowel rod

    can come in handy for releasing frozen brakes.
  12. Safety glasses

    always smart to wear when you’re working on your truck or trailer.
  13. Gloves

    learn more about these three must-have truck driver gloves.

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