Schneider Warehouse Jobs: How Will You Grow?

By Hailey Vernon Jul 31, 2018
Schneider Warehouse Jobs

Schneider’s Port Logistics business has a culture of career development and growth with all our warehouse jobs. Our team takes pride in Training and Development programs, which have allowed our associates to learn way beyond their own roles today.

Successful people take advantage of opportunities, and we at Schneider want to make sure we provide all the opportunities we can for our people, from their first warehouse job with the company to retirement. Don’t just take my word for it — see below how associates have taken advantage of our programs to obtain their own goals.

Vickie Schneider Warehouse

“The Schneider tuition reimbursement program helped me obtain my bachelor’s degree from Governor State University to pursue my career in HR. I began my career in 2014 as a warehouse loader associate. Shortly thereafter, I was promoted to an order filler-equipment operator role, and then promoted to human resource recruiter. In 2016, I was promoted to human resource generalist. The most rewarding part of my role today is providing knowledge to others about the endless career opportunities at Schneider!” – Vickie Caley, Elwood, IL

Alex Schneider Warehouse

“I began my career at Schneider when I was given the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute as an intern. This experience provided me the opportunity to apply for and be offered a supervisory position following my recent college graduation. Schneider continues to contribute to my professional growth and development. Thanks, Schneider!” – Alex Solem, Elwood, IL

Claudia Schneider Warehouse

“As a seasonal supervisor, I gained experience leading the amazing associates of Schneider, and learning necessary reports, paperwork and procedures that a supervisor has to implement. The seasonal role program has helped prepare me to take the next step at Schneider without feeling inadequate.” – Claudia Brown, Savannah, GA

Jorge Schneider Warehouse

“I started working at Schneider in 2007, as a prime picker then worked as an equipment operator for about three years. In 2010, I was promoted to warehouse lead. My integrity and dedication has allowed me to move up within the company, first as a warehouse lead, then as a seasonal supervisor. In January 2016, I was promoted to operations supervisor. The most rewarding part of my current position here at Schneider is having the ability to positively impact others!” – Jorge Guzman, Eastvale, CA

Rick Schneider Warehouse

“I began my career eight years ago with Schneider, hand unloading containers. I have worked as a warehouse verifier, quality associate, and equipment operator. When there was a need for new jockey drivers, I accepted the challenge and was trained to be a jockey driver. In 2017, Schneider helped me obtain my CDL through the incumbent grant program. By obtaining my CDL, it gives me the opportunity to advance my career with Schneider in multiple divisions.” – Rick Harris, Savannah, GA

The opportunities for growth with Schneider warehouse jobs are endless! Explore our warehouse job opportunities today, and begin your success story here at Schneider!

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