Career Paths

Career Paths for Truck Drivers

A career for every stage of life

No matter what you want to do in your driving career or where you want to go in life, Schneider has an opportunity to fit. From seeking your CDL to settling into retirement, we’ve got you covered.

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Driving options that grow with you

Schneider has the widest variety of driving career options in the industry. We understand that life changes and so do your career needs. If you’re looking for more home time, a bigger paycheck, a change of scenery or just a new challenge, explore all our Driving Opportunities. Then talk to your driver leader about making the move.

“I wanted to drive for a reputable company and stay at that company, have stability and not bounce around. Schneider offers job security while still providing room for growth within the company. … I was able to make a career move without leaving the company. This felt like advancement for me.”

If you’re already in your perfect job with Schneider, we’ll reward you for your loyalty. Anniversary reviews and quarterly/monthly bonuses provide regular pay increase opportunities for all drivers, and paid vacation time increases based on your years of service.

After you’ve been with Schneider for five years, you’ll be admitted into the exclusive Advantage Club.

Training/mentoring opportunities

As an experienced truck driver, you know what it takes to succeed on the road. After you've been here six months, Schneider offers several opportunities for you to share your experience with new drivers — and get rewarded for it:

  • As a mentor in our Mentor Value Program (MVP), run for a month with a driver who just completed training, helping him/her adapt to life on the road. Enjoy additional daily pay and bonus opportunities.
  • As a training engineer (TE), run for a week with a driver during his/her final stage of training, providing a positive first exposure to life on the road. Enjoy additional daily pay and bonus opportunities. With our revamped TE program, train full-time or part-time (at least one student per quarter) and earn up to $10,000 more than an average solo driver
  • Becoming a mentor or training engineer opens the door for further career opportunities as an instructor or training manager.
Driver Training Engineer, Ron Ross

“As a training engineer I’ve found working with driving instructors and new drivers to be a valuable way to help others navigate their way through the transportation industry. What I love about being an instructor is that I’m ultimately affecting more people and unlocking their potential.”

Switching to a non-driving career

Schneider is a driver-friendly company because many of our Office, Diesel Technician and Warehouse associates used to be drivers. You know what drivers want, so your perspective from the road can help you inform every decision you make off it. You can even work your way to upper management, just like Bob:

From hire to retire, your options truly are unlimited with Schneider. Where will you start?

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