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Schneider’s new Driver Mentor role helps build driver confidence

A Driver Mentor and his mentee wearing black shirts, orange safety vests and black baseball hats, walk in a truck yard.

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New truck drivers spend about two months at truck driving school and driver orientation learning the skills needed to be a safe and responsible driver but hitting the road for the first time by yourself can be intimidating.

That’s why Schneider created its -new Driver Mentor role - an opportunity for experienced drivers to provide new driver associates additional paid training, should they feel they need it.

What is a Driver Mentor?

A Driver Mentor is an experienced driver who temporarily teams with a new driver to help them ease into professional driving. Mentors partner with mentees for a four-week training period, and haul freight on Dedicated or Team accounts while providing the new driver with guidance and advice.

Responsibilities of a Driver Mentor

Driver Mentors provide new drivers with less formal hands-on support than you might expect with a Training Engineer. A mentor is meant to act as more of a teammate or coach and does not have the responsibility of passing or failing new drivers.

Cory Krebs, director of Van Truckload Operations at Schneider’s Des Moines operating center said the role was created to help new drivers improve their performance and productivity on the road.

“They help prepare and build confidence of new driver associates,” Cory said. “A mentor will help improve driving skills in all areas and prepare a driver associate to drive the maximum number of hours they feel capable of preforming over a four-week period.”

Wondering what it takes to become a Driver Mentor? Learn more about the requirements for this role by viewing the full Driver Mentor application.

Benefits of becoming a Driver Mentor

This new role comes with plenty of perks. When you apply to become a Driver Mentor, you’ll have the opportunity to:

Earn more pay.

Mentors are responsible for more than just teaching new drivers how to be as safe as possible. They also help teach new drivers how to increase their productivity and efficiency.

Driver Mentors earn $1,000 per week, plus $0.20 per mile for all dispatched miles the truck runs. This mileage pay includes the miles both the mentor and mentee run. The more miles you and your mentee drive, the more you earn.

Plus, Driver Mentors can earn an additional $400 retention bonus at the end of each four-week training cycle.

Progress your driving career.

Applying for the Driver Mentor position is a great first step toward progressing your driving career. Not only are you increasing your pay potential, but you are gaining skills that can directly transfer to other opportunities within the company.

Cory said the Driver Mentor role allows drivers to qualify for even more career progression opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Driver Team Leader (DTL).

Make a difference.

Although pay and career progression are nice perks of this position, perhaps the most rewarding benefit Driver Mentors gain is being able to make a difference in the lives of new drivers.

Mentors have the unique opportunity to help new drivers gain the skills and experience necessary to be safe and confident drivers. They can also help newer driver associates develop the stamina to drive more miles and maximize their income and efficiency before going solo on the road.

Current Schneider drivers who are interested in applying for the new Driver Mentor role and its benefits must speak with their team leader and submit an application.

Make a difference as a Driver Mentor.

Use your driving expertise to help new drivers gain the confidence to hit the road solo. As a Driver Mentor, you'll get to experience the pride of seeing new students grow into safe and skilled truck drivers. Make a difference in the life of a new driver today. 

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