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Today's professional truck drivers worry about equipment more than ever. From CSA concerns to lost earnings caused by maintenance downtime, the equipment you drive impacts your livelihood. Schneider gets it.

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Schneider's average fleet age is less than 2.5 years.

New equipment means fewer repairs, giving you more time to get behind the wheel and do the job you love. Most of Schneider’s tractors are Freightliner® conventional. Most tractors are equipped with:

  • High torque DD13 and DD15 engines
  • Jake Brake® engine brake
  • Eaton 10-speed transmission; many with automated options
  • Premium interior with cloth and carpet treatments
  • Inner-spring mattress
  • AM/FM radio w/Weather Band, SD card slot, USB, & Aux ports
  • In-cab technology
  • Engine off Webasto or Espar heaters
  • Top safety equipment, such as roll-stability and OnGuard anti-collision systems

“The trucks had newer technology and seemed more reliable. I've had my latest truck for three years and though it’s racked up 515,000 miles, it still runs great!”

Safety First and Always

In-Cab Technology

Over 25 years ago, we installed the industry’s first satellite system, connecting a nationwide network of drivers and equipment and leading the industry into the future. Today, we’re doing it again. Our fleet is fully equipped with a new and improved wireless mobile communications platform.

“Technology is constantly changing, so you need to educate yourself to keep up with trends. Constant re-evaluation also helps you continue to build confidence, develop good habits and keeps you on top of your game.”

Our technology isn’t limited to in-cab capabilities. Our new and ever-expanding CrossRoads mobile app makes drivers’ lives easier and respects their time, wherever they are. Never use your mobile phone while driving.

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Mobile Communications Platform

Physical Unit

Device The device includes a color touch screen and pull-out keypad. It’s like a laptop and a tablet in one, specially designed for truck drivers.

Web Browsing

Web Browsing You’ll have access to weather conditions, websites and personal email accounts at designated, secure Wi-Fi hotspots.

GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation Text-to-voice features will give you messages and turn-by-turn directions as you drive — eliminating the need to stop and read messages, directions or new work assignments.

Electronic Logging

Electronic Logging The system will provide updated DOT hours of service information and let you know when your DOT hours are about to expire to help you manage CSA compliance.

Container - and Trailer-Tracking Technology

Schneider’s van trailers and intermodal containers now have tracking technology installed, which provides continuous, real-time information regarding the location and load status of each trailer and container. Within a matter of minutes, the new technology transmits information from the trailer to the cab to enhance your productivity.

Eco-Friendly Equipment

New equipment means more than just a comfortable experience for our drivers. It’s also better for our planet. By keeping our tractor fleet younger, we’re able to achieve our green initiatives. The engine inside each of our new tractors meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 emission requirements. In addition, these tractors have features to reduce drag, optimize fuel efficiency and improve mileage per gallon. Annually, the new trucks will save almost 2 million gallons of fuel and over 22,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

Bigger Miles

Schneider’s fleet also consists of over 33,830 van trailers, 17,720 intermodal containers and 1,600 tanker trailers. With so many units available, we are better equipped to reduce costly trailer searches and wait times for loading and unloading, resulting in more logged miles for our drivers each and every day.

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