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Schneider Diesel Technician Job Benefits


Get more than you bargained for.

At Schneider, we invest in our technicians, both in and outside of the shop. Your wellness is a key to our success.

  • Technician amenities

    Schneider understands a technician’s tooling investment can be extensive. To help supplement that cost, Schneider supplies specialty tools such as torque wrenches and anything over a half-inch drive. On top of tooling, Schneider supplies uniforms, safety eyewear, a boot program and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training.

  • Health care

    We appreciate the contributions of our maintenance team. To make sure you are taken care of, we offer a consumer-driven medical plan including dental and vision insurance. Talk about flexibility — we offer flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care as well. You get to make the decision on what best suits you and your family.

  • Personal time

    At Schneider, work-life balance matters. As a part of the maintenance team at Schneider, you will enjoy a competitive personal time off package that includes vacation, flex and holiday pay. Whether it is spending time with your family, taking a vacation or for those unforeseen moments, we are here to support you and what you need. At Schneider, YOU matter.

  • Flexible schedule

    We understand flexibility is important to you, which is why we offer differentiated work schedules (first, second, third and weekend shifts) with four-day work weeks. We understand the ebbs and flows of real life, and our priority is to make sure those changes work best in your day to day schedule at Schneider.

  • Retirement

    At Schneider, we believe in the philosophy of “Hire to Retire.” Schneider shop associates are offered a competitive pay package with profit sharing plans. We know the importance of what it means for you to plan for your future. Schneider offers a company match 401(k) and retirement plans to help you achieve your goal.

  • Education reimbursement and personal development

    We find that our wonderful associates like to challenge themselves by furthering their education. If that’s something you would like to do, we would be happy to support you with our formal education assistance program. We also offer more than 200 online courses of our own.

  • Military service

    As a member of the military, at Schneider, you’ll have guaranteed time off for military training and service — no vacation time required. If you are ever involuntarily called for active duty in a national emergency, Schneider offers differential pay and many benefits for up to 18 months. Schneider appreciates you for your service in our Armed Forces. Learn more about our military benefits.

  • Discount program

    Schneider associates enjoy year-round discounts and special offers from hundreds of national and local companies. The program includes everything from cellphones and vehicles to restaurants and movie tickets.

  • An icon of a clock at 4:00 with a stack of money in front of it with lines of motion showing that the money is moving quickly.

    On-demand pay

    Schneider shop associates can instantly access up to 50% of their eligible earned wages at any time before pay day. This program allows associates to save or spend their wages or send their money to any bank account.

  • Financial, legal, adoption and insurance benefits

    Other Schneider benefits include financial planning and debt management service, access to a family legal plan, financial assistance for adoption and discounts on home, auto and personal accident insurance.

  • Bi-annual skills competition

    Every other year, diesel technicians and trailer technicians who work in Schneider’s shops across the country, participate in a nationwide skills competition for monetary prizes. During the competition, technicians gain exposure to Schneider’s vendors and the most up-to-date technology, while participating in team building events and developing relationships with maintenance senior leaders.

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