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Career development opportunities at Schneider

A group of Schneider associates work with equations on a glass whiteboard in a conference room.

For Schneider to be successful now and in the future, we must continue to improve individually and in all areas of the business – from office associates to diesel mechanics, warehouse associates and more.

As an HR Business Partner at our Savannah, Ga. warehouse, I see first-hand how career development at Schneider positively impacts associates. We have on-going training so warehouse associates stay up-to-date on the safest and most efficient ways to do things, and many take advantage of Schneider’s tuition reimbursement program so they can further their education.

Schneider has a wide variety of career development opportunities all associates can take advantage of.

Types of career development at Schneider:

Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Schneider expects everyone to have an IDP so that associates are working toward new goals each year.

Typically, new associates’ IDPs focus on ensuring they are positioned to fully perform the role, while tenured associates each have unique yearly goals.

Mentorship program

Mentoring at Schneider occurs in all roles within the enterprise and involves listening, providing feedback, advising, role modeling, assisting with development of technical, interpersonal or job related competencies. Mentoring can also be a great way for an associate to learn more about a different role or area of the business and to gain new career insights and options.

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Seasonal Role Program

The Seasonal Role Program is a great way to explore other roles or departments at Schneider. Seasonal role positions are posted internally throughout the year for those associates considering moving roles or learning new positions within the business on a temporary assignment.

Tuition reimbursement

Maybe the next career move for you involves a degree program. Schneider has a tuition reimbursement program to make sure you get the training you need to succeed. Eligible tuition related expenses may be reimbursed up to $10,000 for full-time associates.

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Onsite, live web and E-Learning training

Schneider Learning & Development Team members travel to our field locations to provide onsite training. Live web training classes are also provided throughout the year from our corporate location and E-Learning Training is always available for your individual needs.

Internal career fairs

These events give Schneider associates the chance to network with others and look at different areas within the company that may have new career opportunities.

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Schneider Library

The Schneider Library contains unlimited books available to all Schneider associates. Want to learn more about logistics, leadership styles, kaizen events? The Schneider library has you covered.

Not located at the corporate office? No worries. Our Learning and Development team is prepared to assist getting you what you need.

Schneider Women’s Network

The Schneider Women’s Network works to accelerate professional development, build relationships within Schneider with customers and suppliers and broaden exposure to strategic Schneider initiatives.

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Get the most out of your career

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Hailey is the Sr. Human Resources Business Partner for Schneider’s Import/Export division located in Savannah, Ga. Originally from Kentucky, Hailey moved to Savannah to join the Schneider team in July 2016. She enjoys traveling, competing in CrossFit and beach days.

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