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Schneider revs up sustainability efforts with 50 electric trucks

A white eCascadia semi-truck hauling an orange Intermodal container is parked at a California facility.

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Schneider just announced the addition of 50 Freightliner eCascadia trucks to the operations starting in 2022.

“We recognize the impact we can make through more significant innovation in fleet efficiency,” Schneider Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer Rob Reich said. “Our primary sustainability focus is to minimize the environmental impact from our fleet directly.”

Schneider understands sustainability is key to the success of the transportation industry. That’s why we are investing in electric semi-truck technology and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce emissions and minimize our carbon footprint.

About the 100% battery-electric semi-truck

The eCascadia is Freightliner’s first zero-emission electric commercial vehicle. This eco-friendly truck even has the ability to haul a gross combined weight (GCW) of up to 82,000 pounds.

A white eCascadia truck is parked at an angle at a California facility. The tractor is not hooked up to a trailer, so the side batteries and plugs on the back of the truck are visible.

According to Freightliner, the following are just a few unique features the eCascadia has to offer:

  • Cutting-edge fuel efficiency.
  • Innovative brake regeneration.
  • Improved torque and smoother acceleration.
  • Efficient rechargeable batteries.
  • Top-of-the-line safety systems.

Deploying these trucks will not only significantly affect Schneider’s sustainability efforts, but it will also make Schneider one of the largest battery-electric vehicle carriers in North America.

Who will utilize the new trucks

Schneider plans to use the new eCascadias for our Intermodal operations in southern California. Because the eCascadia trucks are ideal for short-haul routes, the new trucks will primarily be driven on regional routes in and around the Los Angeles area.

In fact, some of Schneider’s California drivers have already had the opportunity to test drive the eCascadia and work directly with Daimler Trucks North America to provide feedback on the new trucks.

“Our drivers who tested the eCascadia really enjoyed it,” Rob said. “It’s a great driving experience with acceleration and quietness of the vehicle.”

Read more about one Schneider driver’s recent eCascadia test drive experience.

Schneider’s sustainable plans for the future

Our dedication to improving the sustainability of our fleet doesn’t stop at the deployment of 50 new eCascadias.

In fact, we’ve made it our mission to reduce company carbon emissions by 7.5% per mile by 2025 and by 60% per mile by 2035.

Schneider plans to achieve these goals by:

  • Continuing to invest in electric transportation technology and research.
  • Doubling our Intermodal operations size by 2030.
  • Working with EPA SmartWay® to increase energy efficiency.
  • Improving overall truck fuel efficiency.

Schneider will continue to provide updates on our company sustainability goals on our Corporate Responsibility web page.

Join a company that is driven by innovation.

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