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6 best toolboxes for diesel technicians and what to look for

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As a diesel technician, finding the right toolbox is an essential part of your job. Keeping your tools organized, protected and easily accessible is how you drive efficiency in the work you do.

A good toolbox can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $20,000 depending on the brand and the features of the box you choose. To help you find the right toolbox for you, we compiled lists of the six best toolboxes for diesel technicians and what to look for when shopping for a toolbox.

6 best diesel technician tool boxes

1. Husky 56 in. W x 22 in. D Heavy Duty 23-Drawer Combination Rolling Tool Chest and Top Tool Cabinet.

This combo tool chest has 23 drawers, eight outlets and two USB ports. It is made from heavy-duty, 18-gauge steel and can support up to 3,000 pounds.

For overall quality and value, this is one of the best starter toolboxes for a diesel technician, and the best toolbox for any diesel technician on a budget.

2. Milwaukee 46 in. 18-Drawer Tool Chest and Cabinet Combo.

This Milwaukee toolbox is another solid choice for diesel technicians on a budget. It can hold 2,500-plus pounds and has 35,318 cubic inches of space spread across an eight-drawer chest and 10-drawer cabinet.

3. U.S. General 72 in. x 22 in. Triple Bank Roller Cabinet.

This heavy-duty roller cabinet can store more than two tons of tools and has 29,500 cubic inches of space. The top can act as a workbench, or you can add a hutch and/or side cabinets as you expand your set of tools.

4. Gator Built 55″ x 25″ 10 Drawer Tool Cabinet.

Built for the full-time diesel technician, this 10-drawer box is made from heavy-gauge steel with drawer-load ratings of 150-300 pounds.

5. Tool Vault Elite 72″ 17 Drawer Tool Cabinet.

This Tool Vault Elite toolbox has a drawer-load rating of 250 pounds (500 pounds on larger drawers). It also has heavy-duty spring-loaded casters and full-width, wrap-around aluminum drawer pulls.

6. Montezuma 72 x 20 in. 26-drawer tool combo.

This heavy-duty, 24-drawer combo toolbox can hold 6,750 pounds of tools and comes with power and USB outlets onboard.

What to look for in a toolbox

1. Best value for your money.

Getting good value for money you want to spend is a critical factor, especially if you’re buying a toolbox on a budget. Look at the features and quality of the toolboxes you’re considering before worrying about the brand name.

2. Durability.

As a professional diesel technician, you need a tool chest that is going to last. Your toolbox has to stand up to the environment and climate changes of an active shop.

3. Gauge.

Look at the thickness of the metal used in the toolbox. The heavier the gauge, the better the durability and security of the toolbox.

4. Capacity.

Look for more storage than you need right now. Leaving room to grow your tool set will ensure your investment in a toolbox today will pay off for years to come.

5. Top.

Decide if you want a tool chest with a wood or stainless-steel top that acts as a workbench, or if you would prefer a hutch top to increase storage capacity.

6. Security.

Your toolbox should have a sturdy lock and a heavy-gauge metal construction to deter a potential thief with a prybar.

7. Warranty.

Most toolboxes come with warranties that range from three to five years. A longer warranty is a good sign that the toolbox is high quality.

Wondering what to fill your toolbox with?

A high-quality toolbox should be filled with high-quality tools. See our list of the 192 tools every diesel technician should have.

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