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Drivers top of mind at Corporate with replica tractor-trailer

A replica of a Schneider truck and trailer sits stop the doorway leading into the company's corporate headquarters.

Did you know there is a scale model of a Schneider tractor-trailer above the glass vestibule at our Green Bay, Wis., corporate headquarters? It’s a visual reminder to our customers, our visitors and our associates that Schneider began as a small trucking company and is now one of the top truckload carriers in North America.

A key to that success is the constant reminder that we move our customers’ freight, and each of us, drivers, mechanics, warehouse and office associates, plays an important role in making the system work.

The model was installed in May 2000, eight years after we moved in to the new Corporate Business Center. The model was constructed by Tom Buechler, a local model builder with support from Schneider’s partner suppliers: Goodyear, Freightliner and Wabash.

A closer look at the model specs

  • The model is a one-third-scale replica of a Freightliner Century Class Conventional Tractor and a 48-foot Wabash trailer.
  • The total weight is approximately 600 pounds.
  • Dimensions:
    • Total length is 25 feet.
    • Widest section is 35 inches.
    • Highest point is 54 inches.
  • The model is made up of two separate units, which do move and connect to the “fifth wheel.”
  • Materials used: The trailer is made from half-inch sign board foam, foam PVC and acrylic. The tractor is made from 1- to 1 1/2-inch design foam, acrylic and aluminum.
  • The 18 Goodyear tires and wheels were the only items the model builder did not make.

Trivia on the tractor and trailer numbers

  • Tractor #31017 – first Freightliner Century Model conventional issued by Schneider in 1997 and first four digits are also our address, 3101 S. Packerland.
  • Trailer #F471392 – last five digits, 7/13/92 was our first day of work at the new Schneider Customer Service/Corporate Business Center.
Schneider Model Truck Close Up

Important reminder of drivers

As office associates come into work every day, they see the scale truck and are reminded of our roots and most importantly our drivers. It’s a beacon to every associate and visitor that enters our Corporate Business Center that our drivers are the lifeblood of the company and everything we do is to support them. It’s a visual representation of our appreciation for the hard work drivers do every single day. They keep Schneider and the nation moving forward.

We work for our drivers, and every associate in the company is dedicated to improving the driver experience. We are driven by our uncompromising values to deliver the goods that enhance the lives of people everywhere. We are Schneider.

Let us work for you

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