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How to build your brand on LinkedIn

How to Build your Brand on LinkedIn

Brands are everywhere. Every day you could wear the clothing of your favorite outfitter, walk the streets while humming that jingle you heard on a commercial last night and hopefully see the bright “Omaha Orange” of Schneider trucks.

A brand is what sets one company apart from another — to make them stand out and be remembered. But did you know that personal branding is just as important as it is for businesses? While enterprises have logos, slogans and services, working professionals have resumes, cover letters and business cards.

In today’s digital world, social media is another powerful tool that can be used to market yourself to others. Specifically, LinkedIn is one of the most valuable networks with many active employers and recruiters. Whether you already have a LinkedIn profile or not, it is a great way for you to convey your skills, personality, career focus and values to those that you meet.

Tips to build your personal brand on LinkedIn

1. Enhance your LinkedIn profile

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When you first meet someone, the greeting often starts with a handshake and a smile. On LinkedIn, your profile picture is your “virtual handshake” and first impression. It is important to have a good quality image because you are actually seven times more likely to be found in a search if you have a profile picture!

In addition, your headline is also your “tagline” of who you are and where you are in your career. List your current position, what job/role you are seeking or your top skill and purpose. Lastly, you should be sure to use your Summary and Experience sections of your profile effectively. These are places to build on the story of your resume and showcase your interests.

2. Post regularly on LinkedIn

Just like Facebook and other social media platforms, the posts you make are where you show the world a window into your life. On LinkedIn, this is where you interact with others and show what you care about! But what makes for a good, professional post? It is ideal to post about your career victories, team or co-worker recognitions, workplace events, professional development, interesting articles and even fun trends. These updates build on your credibility and help build your brand as the type of associate and authentic person you are.

Follow pages that are relevant and interesting to you, and then you may come across posts that you can share with your followers. For example, some good accounts to follow might be: Goalcast, newspapers, Forbes and of course – Schneider’s company page and our Schneider Careers Group!

3. Network actively on LinkedIn

Now that you have a polished profile and some insightful posts to share, it’s time to build your brand further by growing your network! Be sure to connect with the people you’ve worked with and have met in your career. Not only will this grow the quality of your network, but the quality of your brand as well. Once you network with someone in the real world, the next step is to take that connection to the digital world.

Connect with your friends, family, co-workers, interviewers and others you have interacted with recently or in the past. Putting a custom invitation to each person is also an important way to add a personal touch and have better odds of them accepting it. It is always valuable to have access to people just a click away!

Lastly, to build on the online relationship, if you endorse some of the skills on their profile, they may just return the favor back and help build your profile skillset and expertise.

4. Keep growing

LinkedIn is a great tool to help grow your career and showcase who you are. When building your personal brand, always be sure to know yourself, be authentic, be confident, be consistent and evaluate your brand constantly.

Build your personal brand on LinkedIn, and be sure to join our LinkedIn group – Schneider Care

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Mason is a senior at UW-Whitewater and Schneider’s 2018 Social Media Intern in Corporate Recruiting. At Schneider, he is a second-year intern after supporting the Midwest Customer Service Team in 2017. Mason is currently studying business while pursuing a major in General Management and a minor in Information Technology. Mason is also highly involved in Collegiate DECA at UW-Whitewater, being on the Executive Board team in the positions of VP of Social Media and currently VP of Events Coordination.

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