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How to move up in your career in three steps

See how far you could advance by following these three steps on how to move up in your career.

People in the workforce often ask, “how can you move up in your career?” In reality, YOU drive your work experience. You can make it positive, challenging, inspiring, motivating and rewarding. And it all starts with how much effort you are willing to give.

Whatever your career goals are, you will want to explore roles that play to your strengths and skill set. Remember – do what you love; love what you do!

If you’re someone who is striving to one day move up in their job, maybe even into a leadership role, see below for my three-step process on how to move up in your career.

3 steps to move up in your career

1. Make a plan: explore your career options.

In order to be successful and have the potential to move up in your career, you must grow as an individual and create a plan. To do this, I suggest:

  • Leveraging your leader – meet with them to review your plan and self-assessment.
  • Identifying course offerings and growth opportunities at your employer that may help strengthen your skills.
  • Creating a development plan to support your career.

2. Take action: put yourself out there.

Once you’ve created a plan, it’s time to take action. I recommend:

  • Networking with other people and developing relationships for career guidance and advice (leaders, mentors, peers).
  • Gaining more insight on the organization and potential job you are interested in.
  • Identifying a mentor that can share their experiences and perspectives.
  • Updating your resume.
  • Branding yourself professionally on places like LinkedIn.

3. Interview for your dream role: take a chance!

Put your best foot forward in the interview process to land that dream job you’ve always wanted. Make sure you:

  • Practice a mock interview with a leader, friend or peer.
  • Prepare answers to behavioral-based interview questions ahead of time.
  • Send a thank-you note to your interviewers and state your excitement for the role.

My experience following these 3 steps

I have been at Schneider for 40-plus years, and I have worked in several positions, ranging from an administrative assistant to diesel technician recruiter. I have followed these steps many times throughout my career.

It’s normal to feel nervous about approaching your leader to talk to them about your career goals and your desire to advance. I’ve been there, but what I’ve learned is that I’m always impressed with the support and leadership involvement I receive when pursuing career options.

No matter where you are at in your career, I encourage you to always be considering where you want to go in the future and then go for it. You may regret it if you don’t!

Searching for a career growth opportunity?

No matter where you are in your career, Schneider has a job opportunity for you. And with so many opportunities to advance and grow, you will never feel stuck in your role.

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Joan is a Corporate Recruiter who has been with Schneider for more than 40 years. She has held various positions throughout the organization in Claims, Network Support, Customer Service and Operations. Joan’s experience in different areas of the business set her up well for her current role, where she shares her experience and passion for the company with candidates.

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