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Staying in the spotlight: Top 3 tips on how to stand out at work

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In theater and live performances, the spotlight is the main light source that tracks artists as they perform. A good spotlight operator ensures the performer is centered in their spotlight and will follow their movements across the stage with learned precision.

For most of us, being successful at work feels a lot like chasing the spotlight. We are in focus and doing our best to contribute and play our part in the grand show. Sometimes, though, we can lose the spotlight and need help getting it back.

Here are the top three tips on how to stand out at work that we can all utilize to ensure we stay in the spotlight at our organization.

Top 3 tips on how to stand out at work

1. Use your voice to add value.

Speaking up is one thing but speaking up and using your voice to add value to the conversation at hand is one of the best ways to stand out at work.

When you’re being asked for input, find a way to contribute that adds valuable information to the conversation. If you’re an introvert, take time to prepare topics to discuss with your leader during one-on-ones and team meetings to have your voice heard.

Remember, staying silent can signal to others that you are not interested in the conversation, so use your voice whenever you can.

2. Do more whenever possible.

To keep the spotlight on yourself, it’s best to show how much you can do on the stage. For an associate to stand out at work, they know that they must always have forward momentum, look for new ways to improve their performance and contribute to the overall success of the business.

Doing enough is OK but doing more is even better. As you do more, you will find that it often inspires others to do the same, and it may even lead to opportunities to move up in the workplace. Initiative is contagious and that’s a win-win all around!

3. Feedback is your friend.

If you want to stand out at work, you must be comfortable with giving, receiving and working through feedback.

Remember, any feedback that is shared with you is shared because others want you to succeed. When we’re able to step outside of ourselves and use feedback to adjust a behavior, we demonstrate an understanding of working on a team and prioritizing the overall success of the business.

Employees that stand out solicit feedback from their peers and practice kindness whenever they deliver feedback. They also know that using feedback to make a change is key to personal growth and development.

Not only will you get that spotlight, but you’ll also sharpen skills that you can use to help you further your career.

I hope this information helps you stand out at work. May we all find and keep the spotlight!

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