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How to describe customer service skills on a resume

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Knowing how to describe customer service skills on a resume is essential for standing out among other job applicants. As someone who recruits customer service representatives, they’re something I look for in every resume I review.

Let’s explore 20 essential customer service skills and how to effectively highlight them on your resume. Plus, check out an example that shows these skills in action.

20 customer service skills to include on a resume

1. Communication.

Effective written and verbal communication is a crucial part of customer service. To showcase this skill on your resume, describe how your communication skills achieved positive results with customers.

2. Problem solving.

Customer service representatives are often required to think on the spot to find solutions for customers. Highlight how your critical thinking helped solve problems in previous roles.

3. Conflict resolution.

Customer service reps must be able to diffuse tense situations. Mention examples where you've turned tricky situations into positive customer experiences.

4. Collaboration.

Customer service reps work closely with a variety of people inside and outside their company. Give an example of when you worked with co-workers to improve the customer experience.

5. Relationship building.

Establishing rapport with customers creates trusting relationships. Provide an example of how your relationship-building skills contributed to increased customer satisfaction or retention rates.

6. Time management.

Customer service floors are fast-paced, with associates often juggling many tasks at one time. Share how you organize and prioritize your workload to meet deadlines, even with urgent matters pop up unexpectedly.

7. Organization.

An organized customer service rep is more efficient and productive. Detail how your ability to stay organized led to timely follow-ups and better customer relationships.

8. Attention to detail.

Being detail-oriented ensures all aspects of customers’ needs are considered and resolved. Describe times when your attention to detail prevented potential problems or led to more personalized customer solutions.

9. Creativity.

Innovation can be a game-changer in the world of customer service. Highlight how your creative solutions improved customer satisfaction or streamlined service processes.

10. Adaptability.

Customer service reps need to be flexible. Share examples of your ability to pivot when situations change or new matters need your attention.

11. Decision making.

Customer service reps often come across challenging situations while interacting with customers. List instances where your quick decisions solved customer problems without compromising company standards.

12. Negotiation.

Having good negotiation techniques helps customer service reps handle difficult scenarios. Examples of this include addressing customer complaints or responding to pricing inquiries. Discuss how your ability to negotiate has resulted in positive outcomes for both customers and your employers.

13. Technical aptitude.

Today, customer service reps use a variety of tools and software systems to manage customer relationships. Talk about your ability to adapt to new technology and list the types of systems you’ve used.

14. Leadership.

Even in non-managerial roles, leadership qualities are important for any customer service rep. Describe instances where you took the initiative to lead by example, such as when you mentored new team members.

15. Patience.

Being patient is an important part of being a customer service rep. Explain your strategies for staying calm and helping customers resolve problems.

16. Empathy.

Showing empathy involves being understanding and sensitive to a customer’s needs. Detail your approach to calming anxious customers and improving their overall experience.

17. Perseverance.

The determination to see problems through to the end is an important trait for a customer service rep. Share examples of how your perseverance led to positive outcomes in situations that required a lot of follow-up.

18. Researching skills.

Understanding customer needs often requires some digging. Explain how your research skills enabled you to provide informed, tailored customer solutions.

19. Writing skills.

Clear, concise and persuasive writing can influence how customers perceive a company. Showcase how your writing skills helped create compelling content or communications for customers.

20. Listening skills.

Active listening can make a customer feel valued and understood. Provide examples of how your listening skills addressed customer concerns and fostered positive relationships.

Customer service skills resume example

When writing your resume, include a separate ‘skills section’ on the side or within the body of the document. Don’t list every skill in this section. I recommend selecting your top four or five skills and sprinkling the rest throughout your resume.

Resume sample

Brianna Miller

543-210-9876 | | Las Vegas, NV 89108

Professional summary

Dynamic customer service professional with more than five years of experience in fast-paced service environments. Skilled in leading teams that increased customer satisfaction through solving problems and providing personalized customer solutions.


  • Strong leadership abilities.
  • Outstanding negotiation techniques.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication.

  • Advanced critical thinking and decision-making skills.


Customer service team leader | XYZ Corporation | 2019-Present

  • Leads a team of 15 customer service representatives, fostering a collaborative and creative work environment.
  • Implements innovative training programs that have improved average customer satisfaction rates by 25%.

  • Collaborates with various teams to streamline internal processes, which has improved productivity across the department.

Customer service representative | XYZ Corporation | 2017-2019

  • Resolved customer inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Negotiated pricing inquiries according to company guidelines, boosting revenue by 5%.

  • Addressed customer complaints and found tailored solutions, which increased customer retention by 10%.

  • Used technical systems to manage and prioritize workloads.


Bachelor’s degree in business management, ABC College, 2013-2017

High school diploma, ABC High School, 2009-2013

Impress the customer service hiring team.

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