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What does a Customer Service Representative do?

What does a Schneider customer service representative do?
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August 6, 2019

Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) are a key part of many large organizations, as they are accountable for managing customer relationships through different channels of the order process.

Even though they have such a big impact, CSR roles are often overlooked. At Schneider, we like to say CSRs are the face of the company. To customers who regularly interact with a particular representative, that employee is the company.

If you’re looking for your first job, a change of pace or want to learn more about the ins and outs of a company, then a role in customer service may be for you. Here’s what a customer service representative does day in and day out and why I think you should consider this key role for your career.

Customer Service Representative requirements

Before deciding you want to apply for a CSR job, it’s important to confirm you meet the requirements. At Schneider, we expect candidates to meet qualifications, like having a high school diploma and one year of customer facing work experience. What we really look for, though, are the ‘soft skills’ that make great CSRs.

Personality traits for a Customer Service Representative:

  • Comfortable in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Ability to balance the needs of the customer and the needs of the company
  • Strong organization skills
  • Great at multi-tasking
  • Problem solver

Having these six ‘soft skills’ will make you stand out during an interview for a CSR job. Companies can teach their CSR associates how to perform a certain task, but they can’t teach them how to have a good personality.

Customer Service Representative day-to-day

What you do day-to-day as a CSR could differ based on what company you work for, or, at Schneider, which line of business you work in. However, there are some overarching tasks, including:

  • Being the main point of contact for your customer(s) via telephone, email, etc.
  • Developing a strong relationship with customer(s)
  • Working with customer(s) to solve problems
  • Reviewing orders for accuracy and ensuring all information provided is correct
  • Working with a variety tools and technology to perform daily tasks

Customer Service Representative benefits

Why customer service when there are so many other career options? At Schneider, for example, there are a lot of reasons:

Flexible schedule

Like Schneider, a lot of businesses operate 24/7, 365 days a year. This means CSRs are always needed. At Schneider, we offer first-, second- and third-shift CSR roles, as well as full-time, part-time and weekend options.

We are also happy to work with college students whose schedules change semester-to-semester.

Advancement opportunities

Being a CSR is an excellent entry-level position, and it’s the key to other opportunities. Whether you’re interested in an eventual manager-level customer service role or something in a different part of the business, the skills you learn as a CSR are transferable to any job.

The work itself

The work as a CSR is complex and diverse. You’ll spend time getting to know your customer(s) and coming up with solutions for their needs. You’ll engage in and execute customer projects and use new tools and technology.


Typically, customer service departments are very team-oriented and have associates who want to work together to solve customers’ problems.

Schneider is hiring Customer Service Representatives!

Whether you’re looking for a first-shift, second-shift, third-shift, weekend, full-time or part-time CSR role, Schneider’s got it! Check out what we have to offer.

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