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What does the inside of a semi-truck look like?
Driving Instructor Brett waves his hand in front of the dashboard of a 2021 Freightliner Cascadia semi-truck.
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January 18, 2021

On your way to becoming a truck driver and wondering what the inside of your future home-away-from-home is going to look like?

Most semi-truck interiors generally look the same, but they do vary slightly based on their year, make and model. The biggest differentiator from truck to truck is whether it has a sleeper or not – a truck with no sleeper cab is called a conventional day cab, while a truck with a cabin is called a sleeper truck.

Check out our recent video tour of the inside of a semi-truck or read about what a typical truck with a sleeper looks like.

Video: Tour of a 2021 Freightliner

Watch this virtual tour of the inside of a semi-truck. Schneider Driving Instructor, Brett, walks through each feature and part of the truck.

Inside of a semi-truck overview

Here’s a quick overview of what the interior of a sleeper truck generally looks like.

Driver’s side

Driving Instructor Brett waves his hand in front of the odometer of a 2021 Freightliner Cascadia semi-truck.

Includes steering wheel, different gauges and overhead compartments for storage.

Between driver’s and passenger’s side

Driving Instructor Brett shows where the brakes, which are a red and a yellow button, are on the dashboard of a semi-truck.

Includes heater controls, radio, switches, brakes, outlets, overhead compartments for storage and cup holders.

Passenger’s side

Driving Instructor Brett demonstrates where the overhead compartments are on passenger's side of a semi-truck.

Includes spot to mount CB radio and overhead compartments for storage.

Behind passenger seat

A grey mini-fridge is located behind the passenger seat on the inside of a semi-truck.

Includes storage compartments, spot for microwave, flat screen TV mount, pull-out drawer and mini-fridge.

Back bunk area

Driving Instructor Brett shows whats all included in the back bunk area of a semi-truck. This semi-truck bunk area includes a bunk bed and two windows.

Includes windows, vents, upper bunk with ladder, sleeper berth, heating and cooling controls, 12-volt plug-in and reading light.

Behind driver’s seat

Driving Instructor Brett pulls out the work desk behind the driver's seat and below the closet inside of a semi-truck.

Includes storage compartments and slide-out desk.

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