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Semi-truck organization ideas to improve efficiency

Schneider Driver Ambassador Wes Arnott giving a tour of the inside of his cab.

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With the limited storage inside semi-trucks, drivers have to get creative when it comes to organizing their things. 

If you’re struggling to find a place for everything inside your truck, check out some semi-truck organization ideas from a couple of our drivers. 

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Exterior semi-truck storage ideas 

Driver side box 

  • Extra tip: Store items in clear plastic containers so you can see what is in each container without having to open it. Or, label each container with what’s inside it.

Passenger side box 

  • What to store: Step stool, washer fluid, engine oil, antifreeze, flares, boot covers, larger toolbox with key truck driver tools, extension cords, straps and extra rags.
  • Extra tip: Having your most important tools and emergency items on the passenger side allows for easy, safe access if you break down.

Interior semi-truck sleeper storage ideas 

Driver overhead 

  • What to store: Facial tissue, napkins, snacks, gum, a day planner, small maps and a calculator.
  • Extra tip: Hang carabiners from the overhead for quick access to sunglasses, reading glasses and safety glasses.

Middle overhead 

  • What to store: Spare paper logs, extra paperwork, paper towels, reference guides, office supplies (clear tape, paper clips, stapler, etc.), medicine and toothpicks. 
  • Extra tip: Hang your paper towel from a bungee cord connected to either side of the bin for quick access.

Passenger overhead 

  • What to store: Extra sunglasses, safety glasses, antibacterial wipes, a duster, hand wipes, pens and pencils, air fresheners and other cleaning supplies.
  • Extra tip: Use a container to store all your pens and pencils in.

Behind the driver’s seat 

  • What to store: Trash can (secured to the floor), newspapers for cleaning windows, first aid kit and gloves.
  • Extra tip: Hang your broom from a hanging strip so it stays in place while you’re driving. 

Under the passenger seat 

  • What to store: Extra duct tape, spare boots, shower shoes, sun shades for windows, ice scraper and umbrella.
  • Extra tip: Keep your shoes and boots in one place in the truck so you always know where they are.

Driver’s side cabinet 

Passenger’s side cabinet 

  • What to store: Administrative supplies, paper plates, cooking supplies and other interior cleaning supplies.
  • Extra tip: Use a bungee cord to secure items from shifting while driving, especially breakable things, like a lid on a crock pot.

Top and bottom bunk 

  • What to store: Backpack, spare bedding, crates with extra food, extra clothing and shower caddy.
  • Extra tip: Use plastic crates to store extras of stuff, like food and clothes.

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