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Schneider Facility Feature: Gary remodel approved by drivers

A line of Schneider trucks line the lot at the Gary facility.

Nearly one year after its 2017/18 remodel, Schneider’s Gary, Ind. facility, one of the largest in the network, continues to serve as home to hundreds of drivers.

What makes Gary so great?

Gary facility remodel

With new floors, furniture, a remodeled cafeteria and a fresh coat of paint, Gary drivers find the comforts of home right at their fingertips.

Jay Hull, Driver Advisor
“Gary is a great place for drivers to congregate and hang out. The remodel was great, especially the cafeteria. They have great food; some drivers make their way to Gary just for a good meal!"
Jay Hull, Driver Advisor

Gary facility amenities

Not only can Gary drivers find a fresh-looking facility, but they can also take advantage of one of the largest parking lots in our nationwide facility network and plenty of other amenities, including:

  • Over 800 parking spaces including bobtail, combination and box.
  • 7 fuel lanes.
  • 24/7 maintenance shop, including an express bay.
  • 18 showers.
  • Free laundry facilities.
  • TV lounge.
  • Exercise equipment.
  • ATM, WiFi and computers.

The Gary facility offers a few other perks in addition to its amenities, like:

  • A Schneider Store.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Easy access from highway.

Hear it from some of our Gary associates

Not only does the Gary facility provide amenities to drivers while they’re away from home, but the upbeat and lively atmosphere makes for an enjoyable work environment for associates and drivers alike.

Headshot of John Dube.
“Our facility is located very close to a major highway that gives a driver access to stores, restaurants, hotels and other great amenities. The facility is safe, secure and has a lot of parking!”
John Dube, Field Recruiter
Headshot of Andrea Roper
“I like that there is always a willingness to help, whether a driver works out of Gary or not. Every driver is our own; we are a Schneider family.”
Andrea Roper, Driver Business Leader

Stay tuned for more blog posts featuring locations across Schneider’s nationwide facility network.

Looking for a driving job out of Gary?

Schneider is now hiring drivers out of our Gary location. Check out what driving jobs we have to offer and get started today.

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Courtney Zahn joined Schneider as a Driver Recruiter in June 2017. In her time with Schneider, she has worked with new CDL holders and experienced drivers; she has also participated in multiple Facebook live events to promote Schneider’s commitment to safety and excellence.

Courtney is a 2012 graduate of UW-La Crosse and currently lives in Hobart with her fiancé Mitch.

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