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How a Schneider scholarship led Hoi-An Thai to a transportation career

Hoi-An Thai

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If you asked Hoi-An Thai five years ago where he pictured starting his career, his answer wouldn’t have been in transportation. In fact, Hoi-An originally wanted to become a nurse.

He enrolled in college and started working toward a nursing degree in 2019. However, Hoi-An's career path changed course, leading him to an unexpected role at Schneider.

Searching for a new career

Seeking a change of pace after the COVID-19 pandemic, Hoi-An decided to reroute his career plans. He left school to figure out exactly what career he wanted to pursue.

While living with his cousin – who works in supply chain management and logistics – Hoi-An developed an interest in business.

That’s when things clicked: Hoi-An decided to enroll at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College. He pursued a business administration degree with a focus on supply chain management and logistics.

Receiving a Schneider scholarship

Hoi-An filled out several scholarship essays to receive financial assistance while in school. He said Schneider was one of the first organizations to respond to his application.

The Schneider Foundation distributes several scholarships to schools in the Green Bay area. Hoi-An received one of them.

The scholarship covered expenses for books and part of Hoi-An's tuition for the school year.

“The scholarship gave me more encouragement and hope to get back into school, and just receiving it did a lot for my confidence and self-esteem,” Hoi-An said.

Applying for an internship

Hoping to get a foot in the transportation industry, Hoi-An leveraged his connections to apply for and receive a supply chain management internship with Schneider.

Once again, though, Thai’s path took him a different direction.

When learning about other roles during his Schneider internship, Hoi-An found himself enjoying the world of human resources. That experience stuck with Hoi-An and helped get him where he is today: recruiting.

Hoi-An Thai sits at his desk.

Landing a job at Schneider

The internship at Schneider inspired Hoi-An to apply for a full-time role in human resources. He got the job at Schneider, where he’s worked as a driver recruiter for eight months.

In this role, Hoi-An:

  • Reviews applications.
  • Follows up with candidates.
  • Talks one-on-one with Schneider drivers.

“I definitely like the team, and the teamwork and learning more about the industry,” Hoi-An said. “Since I made such a drastic change in career fields – starting with the HR department – I can kind of look from afar and observe what the industry is about.”

Looking toward the future

Hoi-An has one year left of school to complete his business administration degree.

He attributes the Schneider scholarship to helping him figure out his professional goals.

“The most impactful thing about the scholarship was giving me the confidence that like, oh, there are definitely companies that will help you to get back into school, and having that confidence of another organization backing you up like that is very heartwarming,” Hoi-An said. “It’s very motivating.”

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