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Top signs you need a new career

An associate appears upset while glancing up from her computer to look at colleagues across the table.

With a new year and a new decade dawning, many people are looking to the future. No doubt you are too. Could a career change be on the horizon? Are you looking for better?

If you’re experiencing any of the warnings signs below, you could be due for a job change.

9 signs you need a new career

1. Your industry and/or company is unstable

Technological disruption, financial struggles and a shrinking workforce could all be warning signs you need to pay attention to. How important is your industry to the overall economy? How well is your company doing within its industry? It’s time to find stability.

2. You dread going to work

Everyone experiences a mild case of the Monday blues from time to time, but if you can’t remember the last time you actually enjoyed the work you do, it may be time to make a change. Look close at how your interests have changed, and consider a fresh start doing something that makes you happy.

3. You’ve thought about switching to a new career

Maybe the thought has crept up more and more about making a change. Of course there are many factors to consider, but even just thinking about different jobs, perusing job boards and noticing “now hiring” signs could be an indicator that you should be planning your exit.

4. You feel stuck with no path forward

If you stayed where you’re at, what could your career path look like in 5-10 years? If it’s more of the same, if earning potential isn’t likely to grow and if none of the next rungs on the career ladder look appealing, you might give yourself a head start by taking action now.

5. You’re unfocused and less productive in your job

If you’re just going through the motions and have to manufacture energy just to tackle the next task, you may need to breath fresh air into your work life. Does your mind often wander? Do you get distracted easily? Are you doing the bare minimum? Find something else where you can feel energized and productive.

An associate considers a career change while a collogue criticizes her in a meeting.

6. Your health is suffering

Your body could be giving you all the signals you need, whether it’s your physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health that’s suffering. If you’re struggling to sleep well or you’re engaged in unhealthy habits to take your mind off work, a new career could be a healthy move.

7. You’re sticking with it for the wrong reasons

A paycheck that pays the bills is of course an important benefit of a job, but if that’s basically the only reason you show up to work, it might be time to look for a job that gives satisfaction in the day-to-day, not just on payday.

8. You only say negative things about your job

How do you describe your job when other people ask about it? Are you proud of what you do for a living? The way you talk about your career with other people could be a key clue to what you need to do. Make those conversations something to look forward to.

9. You’re reading this

Let’s be honest. If you’ve made it this far and you’re reading this list in the first place, this might just be the writing on the wall that triggers you to take the initiative to do what’s best for you. What better time than now?

What will you switch to?

Perhaps it’s evident a change is needed, but don’t take these as signs you should quit your job immediately until you have a place to go. Schneider is proud to offer truck driver, office, diesel mechanic and warehouse careers — rewarding careers at a stable company in a critical industry.

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