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How to find truck stops with gyms: Staying fit on the road

A man wearing workout attire runs on an inclined treadmill at a gym.

Truck driving comes with long hours and a lot of time sitting behind the wheel. And let’s be honest, sometimes it can be tough to keep a healthy diet when you’re on the road.

These factors of the job can often have a negative impact on driver health and can lead to weight gain. On top of that, it can be difficult to find a way to work out and stay healthy while driving.

Find out how to find workout facilities as well as truck stops with gyms to stay fit while on the road below.

Can truck drivers go to the gym?

Gyms are great places to work out and access a variety of exercise equipment at a relatively low cost. Most gyms even offer showers and other amenities that can help truck drivers stay healthy, fit and feeling their best.

Gyms like Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, and the YMCA have locations across the U.S. and offer special memberships to allow gym goers to access gyms nation-wide.

However, there are some roadblocks that drivers may need to consider before signing up for a normal gym membership. These issues include anything from gym hours, parking options and gym locations in relation to travel routes. This can make it difficult for drivers to get the most out of their gym memberships.

With these challenges in mind, some truck stop locations have added fitness options that are better suited for the needs of drivers that are passing through.

How can drivers find truck stops with gyms?

One truck stop company that offers fitness options is TravelCenters of America (TA). TA, Petro and TA Express locations have been promoting their StayFIT program, which offers drivers onsite fitness centers and medical clinics.

Certain TA locations now include free truck stop exercise rooms, outdoor fitness stations and activity centers - like basketball hoops, horseshoe pits and walking trails. These truck stops give drivers a place to work out and unwind.

A basketball hoop with a white backboard and orange hoop sits unused at a public basketball court.

Drivers can check for fitness facilities at each truck stop location by visiting the TravelCenters of America website and selecting the truck stops on their route. From there, drivers can check facility amenities and StayFit options at each location.

How does Schneider help drivers stay fit?

Unfortunately, even with TravelCenters of America’s efforts, it can still be difficult to find gyms in major truck stops. That’s why it pays to be a Schneider driver.

When drivers join Schneider, they gain access to over 40 Schneider operating centers across the United States, like our Indianapolis operating center and brand-new Dallas operating center. These facilities offer a variety of 24/7/365 amenities like fitness rooms showers, laundry, maintenance facilities, cafés, safe parking and fuel options.

A Schneider fitness facility with a bright orange wall has fitness equipment like an elliptical, treadmill and stationary bicycle.

No matter where your driving job takes you, Schneider has a facility nearby that provides the health and wellness amenities drivers need on the road.

How can drivers stay fit without access to gym facilities?

If you’re still struggling to find a gym option on your route or if working out at a gym isn’t your style, consider the following on-the-road fitness alternatives:

Walking Trails: Find a truck stop with a trail or sidewalk and keep moving by going for a walk or jog. Drivers can use websites like or (or download their apps to your smart phone) to find thousands of walking trail locations and maps across the nation. Plus, check out one of our driver’s favorite walking trails near truck stops and operating centers.

Parks: Locations like parks provide plenty of space and activities for drivers to stay active. Drivers can pack workout equipment such as weights or an exercise mat to work out on the go or even practice stretches specifically designed to help truck drivers.

Parking lots: Although this option is not the most ideal, it is possible for drivers to work out in and near their trucks. Check out Schneider’s truck driver workout routines and semi-truck workouts to learn how drivers can get exercise in their own truck.

Looking for more truck driver fitness tips?

Staying healthy can be difficult as a truck driver. Let us help you on your road to becoming more fit. Learn how you can stay your happiest and healthiest self by reading even more Schneider health and wellness blogs.

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