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Trucking company reviews: What you need to know

Semi truck from trucking company review

A quick look at any industry will reveal that reviews matter – for everything. Take a look at movie reviews. Studies have shown that sites like Rotten Tomatoes have directly impacted whether or not a new moviegoer sees a movie or not. Research by the Spiegel Research Center reveals that the likelihood of a product getting purchased increases by 270 percent when it gets five reviews.

So, what does this all mean for truckers? Well, it highlights just how important reviews are, and the importance of knowing what to look for in trucking company reviews. They can provide some stellar intel on just who you might end up working for.

Whether you’re looking to start your career or just want a change of scenery, trucking company reviews are very important. You want to know not just what your job entails, but what that trucking company is like as well. However, not every trucking company review is created equal. Below we’re going to go over what to look for in trucking company reviews. Let’s dive in!

What to look for in trucking company reviews

1. Know where to find trucking company reviews

Before you know what to look for in trucking company reviews, you first should know where to look. You want to look for trustworthy sites that offer valuable, honest reviews. Third-party sites like the Better Business Bureau or Glassdoor are a great place to start. These sites offer reviews from current and past employees that you can browse to get a good idea of the pros and cons for working for that trucking company.

You should also consider looking at the trucking company’s website. Most companies should have a transparent review system, allowing for both praise and criticism.

2. Bashing vs. critiquing

This is a common issue that many review readers have. In a perfect world, every reviewer is going to give an honest, unbiased opinion. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case. In many cases a former employee may have been fired. This employee will then decide to bash the company via a review online.

If you want to know what to look for in trucking company reviews, try to detect any bias the reviewer might have. Try to figure out the motivation behind the review. Is this someone who is bitter about a rightful firing? Is this an auto-generated review to try and make the company look more attractive? These are things you should be considering when looking at trucking company reviews.

3. Details matter

When it comes to trucking company reviews, details matter. So, what details should you be looking for? You’ll want to look for details regarding salary or type of pay package, schedule, benefits and any other perk or benefit that the trucking company might offer. Sometimes a truck driver’s experience can give you a better insight into the company than a formal job description.

We hope we provided some more insight into what to look for in trucking company reviews. Don’t forget to check out the hundreds of jobs that Schneider has to offer. We promise we’ve got some great reviews to back us up!

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