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Schneider driver hiring process: the final steps

Student drivers complete the last steps of the Schneider driver hiring process.

You’ve gone through most of the Schneider driver hiring process: You searched, applied, interviewed, got an employment offer and accepted a driving job with Schneider.

Now what?

Planning for and attending orientation are the next steps in the process. Here’s what to expect.

Schneider driver hiring process

1. Set an orientation start date and location

Schneider recruiters will help you schedule an orientation start date and find a location that works well for you. How long you attend orientation is dependent on if you are an experienced or inexperienced driver.

2. Receive orientation instructions

Once you have a start date determined, we will send you orientation instructions, which include the date, location, a brief overview, packing list and transportation and hotel details.

3. Attend paid orientation

Schedules and duration differ between inexperienced driver orientation and experienced driver orientation. We explain more in the videos below:

Experienced truck driver orientation

Inexperienced truck driver orientation

4. Complete employment requirements

You will need to complete a DOT physical, DOT pre-employment drug screen, sleep apnea screen, pre-employment hair collection drug screen, background checks and some additional paperwork, plus any requirements for your particular driving job.

You will have the opportunity to complete most of the employment requirements during orientation. Your recruiter will tell you which things need to be done before attending orientation.

What are you waiting for?

Still haven’t applied for a truck driving job at Schneider? It’s time for that to change. All you need to do is enter your zip code and see what driving jobs are available near you.

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