Orientation for New CDL Holders

Everything you need to know about Schneider trucking orientation

New Driver Orientation Schedule and Pay

New CDL holders and driving school graduates go through a three-week, consecutive-day trucking orientation process. The first week will be at a Schneider training facility, the second will be out on the road and the third will be back at the training facility. You’l be paid for attending and completing the orientation sessions, but the amount may vary by driving opportunity.  A recruiter (800-44-PRIDE) will be happy to tell you the amount for what position you're considering.

Check out our helpful orientation packing checklists.

What You’ll Do During New Driver Orientation

Pre-work screen

Phase 1: hard skills

It won't take long to discover why Schneider is one of the best trucking companies to start with. The first phase of Schneider’s orientation for new CDL holders is a blend of classroom work, tractor simulator use and in-truck training.

Classroom training
In the classroom, you’ll learn how to log with a paper log (Schneider uses electronic logs, but this is still a necessary skill), how to use a permit book and other basic trucking information. You’ll also get a review of safety tips designed to keep you and those around you from getting hurt on the job.
Tractor simulators
During your first week, you’ll be introduced to Schneider’s state-of-the-art simulators. This technology gives you the chance to enter a realistic, virtual environment where you can practice safely maneuvering through potentially hazardous situations without the risk.
In-truck training
The first four days of orientation are very truck-intensive. You’ll be out in the yard, practicing backing and slow maneuvering before going out on the road to practice turns and mingle with traffic.

Phase 2: training engineer

After classroom learning and hands-on training, you will spend time on the road with a training engineer. In this over-the-road phase, you will actually drive the truck and do the work that you’ll be doing as a driver. Your training engineer will be in the passenger seat to observe, answer questions new drivers often ask and help set you up for success by sharing what they wished they knew as a new driver.

Phase 3: soft skills

When you complete the training engineer phase of orientation, you’ll head back to your Schneider training facility for soft skills training. In addition to more behind-the-wheel training, you’ll go through a classroom portion that will teach you trip planning and introduce you to Schneider’s mobile communications platform, which includes electronic logging and truck route GPS navigation.

Skills test

At the end of orientation, you’ll take your skills qualification test to prove that you are ready to start with one of the best trucking companies for new drivers. The test includes a pre-trip inspection, coupling/uncoupling procedure and a 15-20-mile road course. If you pass the test safely and feel confident in your abilities, it’s time to start racking up those miles.

“Schneider’s ace in the hole is its training. No one, and I repeat no one, gives the training that Schneider does. … I am all about the training, and after talking with different drivers across the country, it just cemented my positive opinion of the company.”

Rick Bohnsack, Dedicated Driver

Ongoing Training Initiatives for All Drivers

Being one of the best trucking companies for new drivers means that at Schneider, training doesn’t stop when orientation ends. We will work with you throughout your career to keep you sharp and focused, regardless of your experience level. All drivers, including those who have been on the road for 30 years, go through continual training to refresh their skills.

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