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Experienced Truck Driver Orientation

Experienced orientation

Get even better, and start earning quickly

By choosing Schneider, you’re already showing you’re one of the best, but Schneider’s experienced driver orientation will make you even better. We’re known for high-quality training and a focus on safety. Experience it for yourself by finding your perfect driving job, scheduling your orientation date and hitting the road!

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Experienced driver orientation schedule and pay

The length of orientation for experienced drivers depends on what kind of freight you’ll be hauling and can vary depending on your needs but here is what you can generally expect for in-person or remote options:

All drivers are paid to attend and complete orientation. The amount varies by the type of driving position you choose. Talk to a recruiter (800-44-PRIDE or live chat) for more specifics.

How to prepare for experienced driver orientation

Transitioning between jobs can be logistically challenging, but we work hand-in-hand to smooth out the process as much as possible. With orientation offered weekly, we can lock you into a start date that works for you.

Ongoing training initiatives to keep you at the top of your game

Being one of the best trucking companies for experienced drivers means that training doesn’t stop when orientation ends. We will work with you throughout your Schneider career to keep you sharp and focused. That includes regular video training you can tackle anywhere with our new tablets. You can also ask for skill refreshers any time.

Additional experienced orientation information

Apply sooner, start orientation sooner!

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