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A driver instructor and three new drivers practice raising the landing gear on the trailer

Experienced orientation

Prepare for the next step in your driving career

Our experienced driver orientation is designed to ensure that you hit the road with all the safety skills and account-specific training you need to be a successful Schneider driver. Apply for your ideal driving job and schedule your orientation date today.

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Experienced driver orientation schedule and pay

The length of experienced orientation varies depending on your needs and the type of driving job you choose. Here's how long you can expect in-person training to run:

All drivers are paid to attend and complete orientation. The amount varies by the type of driving position you choose. Talk to a recruiter (800-44-PRIDE or live chat) for more specifics.

How to prepare for experienced driver orientation

Our paid orientation begins on a weekly basis, meaning you can pick a start date that works best for you without having to wait long. Plus, Schneider also arranges drivers' transportation to orientation, if applicable.

Watch Video: Schneider experienced orientation for truck drivers

Schneider SMART

Schneider provides some of the best training in the industry and has been a leader and pioneer in training for years. In fact, Schneider has a proprietary safe driving training called “SMART” designed to help drivers prioritize safety while on the roadway.

Additional experienced orientation information

Get one step closer to orientation by applying today.

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