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Schneider Ride of Pride Trucks

Ride of Pride

Rolling tributes to military past and present

This special fleet of trucks acts as a rolling tribute to veterans and are captained by an elite team of drivers with military experience. Over the years, Schneider has received 13 Ride of Pride trucks from Freightliner.

History of the Ride of Pride

The Ride of Pride originated in 2001, when Ed Keeter, a shift manager and U.S. veteran at Freightliner’s manufacturing plant in Cleveland, N.C., proposed the project as a way to honor military veterans. It quickly became part of a national effort that includes participating in major events like the annual Ride for Freedom (Rolling Thunder) and Wreaths Across America.

Schneider has shown a great commitment to the U.S. military since its very beginning. Freightliner is proud to share this special vehicle with a carrier that feels as strongly about those who serve as we do.

MikeFreightliner Cleveland, N.C., plant manager
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Behind the scenes with the Ride of Pride

Learn more about Schneider’s Ride of Pride program, what it means to veterans and how you can follow along.

Additional Ride of Pride information

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