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1,800-watt power inverters installed on all new Schneider tractors

1,800 Watt Power Inverter
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August 9, 2016

This past year brought significant improvements to our newest tractors’ electrical systems. We switched to Odyssey batteries to provide additional electrical capacity for those models. Now, we are excited to share another win for you: Sleeper tractors built after November 2015 are being equipped standard with power inverters. These two changes provide key comfort options for Schneider drivers.

We continue to invest in new tractors, and during 2016, our Van Truckload, Dedicated and Tanker divisions are purchasing 1,755 sleeper tractors with the power inverters. The inverters are factory-installed and feature factory wiring, which is properly protected and routed to avoid issues seen with aftermarket installs. While we will not be retrofitting any existing tractor models, the number of tractors purchased with this feature will increase, making them more available at each facility.

Important power inverter information:

Schneider has selected an Eaton 1,800-watt pure sine wave inverter for the factory-installed option. This inverter is large enough to run most electrical devices required, including CPAP machines (Note: Inverters installed between November 2015 and April 2016 are Purkeys 1,500-watt modified sine wave inverters that are not to be used with CPAP). The inverters are built with a low-voltage disconnect (LVD) set at 12.2 volts.

The power inverters are mounted under the bunk with a cutout to pass the electrical cords under the bunk.

What devices can I use with my power inverter?

A list of devices with their power consumption is listed below. Multiply the consumption of the devices below by length of use to determine watt-hours.

DevicePower Consumption
Air Compressor1,800 Watt
Espresso Machine1,600 Watt
Shop Vacuum1,600 Watt
Microwave (Lg) 1.2 Cu Ft1,500 Watt
Rotisserie1,400 Watt
Microwave (Med) .8 Cu Ft1,250 Watt
Microwave (Small) .6 Cu Ft1,000 Watt
Coffee Maker800 Watt
Toaster Oven800 Watt
Small Fridge/Cooler500-600 Watt
Slow Cooker250 Watt
TV – 16” LCD180 Watt

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