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What is the job outlook for a diesel technician?

Four men stand who are smiling stand in a line within a Schneider shop. Three of the four are wearing diesel technician outfits while the third wears khaki pants and a grey polo shirt.

Behind the semi-trucks hauling products that line the shelves at stores, are diesel technicians in shops making sure those trucks can stay out on the road. Without diesel technicians, trucks would break down due to lack of preventative maintenance and repairs wouldn’t get made.

People are never going to stop buying groceries, household goods, supplies – everything we need daily – which means semi-trucks are always going to be moving.

So, the answer to, ‘What is the job outlook for a diesel technician?’ would be something like ‘solid, reliable, dependable or stable’ because the demand for diesel technicians isn’t going away anytime soon.

More on the job outlook for a diesel technician who works in transportation

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of all diesel service technicians is projected to grow by 3% in the next ten years.

The job outlook for diesel technicians who work in the transportation industry, specifically, looks even better.

In 2019, about 87,300 diesel technicians worked in transportation and warehousing. Experts predict that number will jump to 90,500 by 2029 – a 3.8% employment change in just 10 years.

This job security is just one of the many reasons why being a diesel technician in the transportation industry is a good career.

How to set yourself apart from other diesel technicians

More job opportunities in the diesel industry will lead to more opportunities for advancement for technicians.

If you’re someone thinking about joining the industry and want to set yourself apart from other diesel technicians by making yourself a more attractive job candidate, consider:

  • Obtaining post-secondary education. Going to college may seem like a huge commitment, but attending diesel technician school will provide training and skills employers are looking for

Start the first step to becoming a diesel technician.

If you’re ready to start your rewarding career of being a diesel technician, check out the six steps on how to become one.

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