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What is life like as a Schneider Intermodal truck driver?

Life as a an Intermodal driver

Looking for a career in trucking that allows you to put family first and get home more, without sacrificing pay in the process? Becoming a Schneider Intermodal truck driver may be the right career for you.

What is an Intermodal truck driver?

It’s called Intermodal because it involves freight that ships via two different modes of transportation — via railroad and truck. An Intermodal driver hauls freight between rail yards and customers.

The train takes care of the long haul. The driver tackles the first and final leg — Regional to and from customers within a few hundred miles and Local to and from customers close to major rail hubs. And we keep adding locations (like Indianapolis, Ind., and Barstow, Calif.)

3 of the top benefits according to many Intermodal drivers:

  1. Frequent and flexible home time: Get home when you need to with a variety of work schedule options, all with maximum home time.
  2. Top-notch pay: Even with lots of home time, Intermodal drivers can surpass $70,000. Compare Regional vs. Local Intermodal driver pay packages.
  3. Drop-and-hook freight: Most times, you’ll be picking up and dropping off containers in the yard, rather than wasting time at a loading dock.

How Schneider enhances Intermodal truck driver duties

Since Intermodal drivers haul freight containers in and out of rail yards, they have extra equipment (chassis that carry the containers), different driving environments (lots of urban locations) and unique schedules (less rigid delivery timeframes).

3 ways Schneider helps Intermodal drivers maximize their experience:

  1. Newer company-owned equipment: Schneider has its own tractors, trailers and chassis, so no time wasted switching unreliable chassis from a common chassis pool. Plus, automated transmissions make in-city driving way easier and more comfortable.
  2. Paid training in the biggest rail hubs: Schneider’s Intermodal training academies are located in Los Angeles and Chicago, so our trainers will show you the ropes in the biggest networks. Take a closer look at our Chicago Intermodal team.
  3. Flexible schedules: Freight shipped by rail is often less time-sensitive, so in many cases, you can plan your day, your way, to maximize your hours and earnings.
“Schneider provides the same level of flexibility I experienced as an owner-operator, which comes in handy when I need to focus on our family business.”
– Kevin, Schneider Intermodal driver

Ready to become a Schneider Intermodal truck driver?

Yes, we have opportunities in the country’s biggest rail hubs, but you might be surprised where else opportunities are available! Start your journey.

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