What is life like as a Schneider Intermodal driver?

By The Schneider Guy Nov 22, 2016
Schneider Intermodal Driver

Looking for a career in trucking that allows you to put family first? Becoming an Intermodal driver with Schneider may be the right career for you. Regional Intermodal drivers get home at least once a week (some daily), and local drivers return home every day, and both offer competitive pay packages.

Even if staying close to home isn’t your number-one priority when looking for a career, being an Intermodal driver at Schneider can be rewarding for other reasons, like steady freight, bigger money and continual training. Here’s what Intermodal drivers think about Schneider’s perks:

In addition to regular home time, Intermodal drivers enjoy options when it comes to work schedules. Choose to work Monday-Friday or Friday-Tuesday, so you have a schedule that works for you.

“I love the regularity of knowing where I am going all the time, and I’m never too far from home.” - Walter Thomas, Intermodal driver
“I can’t say enough about the people – they treat you as family. Schneider also recognizes the importance of flexible options so I can spend time at home with my own family as well.” - Bounlieng “Bo” Nobouphasavanh, Intermodal driver

Kevin found that Intermodal driving with Schneider allowed him to continue to be a part of the bakery he owns with his wife.

“Schneider provides the same level of flexibility I experienced as an owner-operator, which comes in handy when I need to focus on our family business.”Kevin Lawrence, Intermodal driver

Schneider has a large, steady freight base to keep you consistently busy, and staying busy means you’ll be bringing in more money. You’ll also be able to earn points and redeem prizes through the Pace Setter Recognition and Rewards Program. It’s how Schneider rewards drivers who consistently go the extra mile and achieve exceptional results.

“You are constantly planning and working to stay on schedule to ensure you make that cut off time. You have variables from the hectic traffic in Chicago to navigating through the yard for your pick up. Intermodal is tough, but I love it.”Bounlieng “Bo” Nobouphasavanh, Intermodal driver

Schneider ensures drivers have thorough training and support to perform their job safely and efficiently. With paid training at two training centers for Intermodal drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles, two of the busiest railroad cities in the United States, Schneider makes sure you’ll be a safe and successful part of our team.

“I’ve never had a problem calling the customer or shipper to get any clarification or points of reference so I can find where I’m going. They know the area better than I would and can often provide tips to get to the location safely.”Roger Fugere, Intermodal driver
“I don’t bad-mouth other companies, but if you want respect and to be treated right and make money, you have to come to Schneider. I speak very highly of Schneider and have had many people change companies after I tell them about my great experience as part of this family.”Walter Thomas, Regional Intermodal driver

You can also get a glimpse of one of our largest markets with behind the scenes video as a Schneider Chicago Intermodal driver.

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