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Why Schneider is the right fit for female truck drivers

Schneider training engineer Kellylynn McLaughlin walks a trainee through a pre-trip inspection.

Choosing a company to work for is a bit like buying a pair of shoes … it has to fit you!

When I first vetted professional trucking companies to work for, I was an inexperienced female truck driver looking for an Over-the-Road experience that would show me the ropes of the freight transportation industry – safely and positivity.

I quickly discovered Schneider provided the safety and positivity I need, in addition to many other qualities to make it the perfect fit for me as a woman truck driver.

7 reasons why Schneider is the right fit for female truck drivers

1. Safety.

I had a friend who had gone through Schneider’s three-week driver training program and said that Schneider was the company that truly valued safety first and always. Through my onboarding and tenure, I’ve found that safety is the priority across the board at Schneider.

Schneider’s secured parking lots and operating facilities across the country mean I don’t have to risk parking in an unsafe location. Schneider puts an emphasis on the importance of pre-and post-trip inspections and one-on-one training with leadership.

2. Harassment-free work environment.

I knew the trucking industry was mostly male, and I would stand out as a female. I found I was excited to play a role in changing the perception of what a professional truck driver looks like.

Schneider has been a perfect and safe choice for me as a female. The company takes pride in providing a harassment-free environment, and their core values support that approach. Not only has my training and work experience been harassment-free, I have been encouraged to grow and take on more responsibilities, such as becoming a driver trainer.

3. Endless career opportunities.

Schneider is large enough that it offers many different types of driving jobs to choose from to fit your lifestyle, even if your life circumstances change over time. Evidence of this is so many drivers – male and female – have been with Schneider for decades and have explored many driving areas.

And that doesn’t even factor in all the office support and training positions available. Working for a stable and diverse company provides opportunity for upward mobility and professional growth.

4. Steady work.

With endless career opportunities comes the necessary work to keep these roles busy. I’ve been able to rely on Schneider to provide the work I need so I can provide for my family. Schneider’s customer base is diverse and maintains steady loads, even in trying times.

5. Driver support.

As a driver, I have a huge support team of experts who work to make every load successful each time I hit the road!

As a female with no trucking experience prior to entering this field, I have relied on Schneider’s experts in maintenance, safety, IT, training, load securement, customer service, trip planning, axel weight distribution, hours of service, etc.

6. Innovation.

Schneider is a forward-thinking company that is always trying to solve the next problem before it arises, in addition to making drivers’ jobs easier and safer with technology.

The safety technology on my tractor improves every year, too. Tractors are cycled out on a regular basis, so our equipment is newer, reliable and state-of-the-art.

Systems are in place to identify and maintain equipment proactively so that drivers have limited down time due to equipment failures.

7. Driver experience.

One of the best surprises when coming to work for this large, successful trucking company is that the leadership is willing to have conversations with drivers about their experience … and work to improve it. The driver experience is so important to the Schneider leadership that they are constantly working to improve it.

In a nutshell, when I chose Schneider, I discovered I bought the best fitting pair of super-fast, girl-powered running shoes imaginable.

If she can do it, so can you.

Join Kellylynn and the hundreds of other women who have chosen Schneider as their company to drive for. Learn more about why women pick Schneider and apply for your perfect position today.

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Kellylynn McLaughlin is a Schneider Over-the-Road driver and training engineer – a role where she trains truck drivers how to become Schneider drivers. She was also named the first-ever Women in Trucking Driver Ambassador in 2020. Kellylynn frequently attends driver events, conferences, college campuses and more to attract females to truck driving.

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