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What is second shift? A look at the hours and benefits

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Many companies operate 24/7, including on weekends and holidays. This means they need to hire associates to work unconventional hours, including second and third shift.

So, what is second shift? Continue reading for a breakdown of second shift hours and the advantages it offers. 

Second shift hours

A typical second shift schedule usually starts around 3 p.m. and ends around 11 p.m. However, an afternoon shift’s hours vary depending on the company’s needs. 

Second shift employees can work a Monday - Friday schedule or a schedule that includes weekends. 

7 benefits of working second shift

1. Receive higher pay.

Second shift positions typically pay more than their first shift counterparts because they provide shift differential.

Schneider, for example, offers:

  • $1.25 per hour more during the week compared to first shift associates.
  • $2.00 per hour more on weekends compared to first shift associates.

2. Earn a full benefits package.

Most companies offer full-time second shift associates the same benefits opportunities as those who work on first shift.

At Schneider, for example, associates on second shift are offered:

  • Paid time off.
  • Paid holidays.
  • Health, dental and vision insurance.
  • 401(k) with company match.

3. Have more flexibility.

Starting your shift in the afternoon can give you more flexibility in your personal life 

Whether you're a student attending morning classes or a parent with childcare responsibilities, working second shift lets you take care of your commitments while still making money and growing your career.  

Plus, a second shift job gives you the freedom to schedule appointments and errands without using paid time off. 

4. Gain exposure to a larger variety of work.

Since there are usually fewer people working on second shift than first, they are typically exposed to a larger variety of people and tasks. 

At Schneider, for example, our second shift associates support more teams and customers than their first shift counterparts do.  

5. Have the opportunity to advance your career.

Having exposure to a larger variety of people and work can lead to more opportunities for career growth. 

Plus, there is typically less competition to grow your career while working on second shift. This means you may be able to advance your career quicker than you would on first shift. 

6. Be able to sleep in.

If you’re a late riser or a night owl, second shift may be perfect for your schedule 

Many second shift employees find they’re more productive during the late afternoon and evening hours due to fewer distractions and a quieter work environment. 

7. Make a difference.

Many people who work second shift at large companies are in customer service and operations-type jobs. These are the jobs that keep companies operating at all hours of the day.

Start or grow your career on second shift.

If you want a job with non-traditional hours and the chance to grow your career, a role on second shift may be a good fit for you. Check out Schneider’s second shift job opportunities today. 
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