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How much does a diesel technician make in 2022?

Three Schneider diesel technicians stand around a toolbox between service bays that are occupied by company trucks.

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According to the 2022 State of Diesel Technicians report, the average diesel technician salary is between $50,000 and $59,999 per year – or $24.51 to $30.77 per hour.

Semi-truck technician salaries have risen sharply over the past few years, with 23% of technicians reporting they earn between $70,000 and $79,999 per year. In 2018, the most common pay range was $40,000 to $49,999 per year.

Like any other job, how much a diesel technician makes varies greatly due to many factors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest 10% of technicians earned less than $35,730 in May 2021. The highest 10% earned more than $76,150.

Here, we'll go over how much Schneider diesel technicians are currently making and further explain the factors that affect pay to provide you with a more complete answer to the question, "How much does a diesel technician make?”

How much do Schneider diesel technicians make?

The starting pay for diesel technicians in 2022 at Schneider varies based on several factors, but as a general overview...

A Diesel Technician I could expect to start out making up to $24 an hour at Schneider, depending on their level of experience.

  • The Diesel Technician I role is Schneider’s most entry-level technician position. They generally have a high school diploma, or possibly a technical degree, and limited or no prior work experience.
  • Candidates with a relevant work history or education are likely to earn a higher starting wage than those who have neither of those things.

A Diesel Technician II could expect to start out making about $22 to $27 an hour at Schneider.

  • A Diesel Technician II generally has a technical degree in Diesel Technology (or a similar field) and has completed an internship or has a few years of related work experience.
  • The pay range for this position can vary based on the candidate’s degree(s), certifications and work experience, as well as the geographic location and shift of the job.

A Senior Tractor Technician could expect to start out making about $26 to $36 an hour at Schneider.

  • A Senior Tractor Technician generally has a technical degree in Diesel Technology and at least four years of experience in the field. They are highly skilled diesel technicians with a background in using diesel diagnostic software.
  • The pay range of this position can vary based on the technician who is applying for it’s skillset, work experience and education. The geographic location and shift of the role also influence how much it pays.
  • Candidates who are experienced working with certain hand and power tools, welding equipment, diagnostic software or shop computer systems are also likely to earn a higher starting wage.

Service Truck Technicians and Maintenance Team Leaders at Schneider earn varied hourly rates and salaries based on where they live and their experience level.

What influences how much a diesel technician makes?

1. Work experience.

Work experience is one of the biggest factors that influence how much a diesel technician makes at Schneider. Because of this, someone who has completed an internship or has prior work experience will most likely earn a higher starting wage than someone who is completely new to the industry.

2. Education.

Generally, at Schneider, someone with a technical degree in diesel technology will earn a higher starting wage than someone who only has a high school diploma. However, work experience will likely have more of an impact on wage than having a degree.

Furthermore, having a CDL as a diesel technician typically does not impact your income 

3. Skill level.

At Schneider, associates with a higher skill level, like a Master Technician or a Lead Technician, are going to make more than a Diesel Technician I or II. Technicians who become highly specialized in one area (tractor, trailer, bulk, refrigerated, etc.) will be compensated at a higher wage level due to their specialized skills.

4. Hours worked.

This year's State of Diesel Technicians report also found that 70% of technicians are paid an hourly rate. The average diesel technician works about 40 hours per week, but those interested in earning additional pay can usually take advantage of overtime hours. They can work extra hours at an overtime rate to increase their overall income.

At Schneider, diesel technicians who work second shift or third shift earn an additional $1.50 per hour in shift differential. Technicians work every other weekend, and during those weekend hours, they make an extra 65 cents an hour.

5. Location.

Where you live can have an influence on how much you make as a diesel technician. At Schneider, some shop locations have different pay rates based on the cost of labor in that geographical region. Schneider’s pay rates are market-driven.

6. Employer.

In addition to a paycheck, some companies offer other forms of compensation that help employees pay for healthcare, save for retirement and take time off work when needed.

Some of the benefits Schneider offers include:

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance.
  • 401(k) with company match.
  • Company-provided uniforms and tools.
  • Company-paid training.
  • Bi-annual skills competition – Schneider’s top technicians compete in a national competition for significant monetary prizes.

Check out Schneider's full list of benefits for diesel technicians.

Searching for a diesel technician job?

Whether you’re new to the field or are an experienced diesel technician, Schneider is hiring. See what we have available in your area and apply for a job that interests you.

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