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Is being a diesel technician a good career?

A Schneider diesel technician works on the front of a grey Schneider trailer in a shop.
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October 4, 2019

With all the different trade jobs and careers out there, some people may be wondering: is being a diesel technician a good career?

What it really comes down to is figuring out what you’re looking for in a job. If you are thinking about going to school to become a diesel technician, I encourage you to ask yourself the below questions first to ensure it’s the right career for you.

Questions to determine if being a diesel technician is a good career for you:

1. Are you looking for a job that requires physical labor?

Something to consider: Working in the diesel industry is extremely labor-intensive. Technicians are required to use a variety of tooling, lift, bend, work in odd positions, work with heavy components and be in hot areas.

2. Are you able to work first, second or third shift?

Something to consider: Like many shops, Schneider shops run 24 hours a day, so we have first, second and third shift job opportunities. Having different shifts allows our technicians to choose what fits best with their work-life balance. Plus, many of our diesel technicians enjoy four-day work weeks.

Determining what kind of work schedule you want also depends on whether you are interested in becoming a fleet technician or dealership technicians, as fleet and dealership technicians can work very different hours.

3. Do you like learning about technology as it grows over time?

Something to consider: Using and expanding their knowledge of technology is part of what technicians do on a daily basis.

As an example, Schneider has around 12,000 trucks in its fleet, with engines ranging from GHG 17 Detroit to Paccars, Cummins and more, using transmissions such as DT12 Automatics. This means our diesel technicians must have an expansive knowledge on a wide variety of ever-changing technology.

4. Do you want job security?

Something to consider: We will always need truck drivers, which means we will always need technicians to fix the trucks. At Schneider, we go beyond offering a paycheck by providing:

  • Competitive pay for the market you live in.
  • Diagnostic software to fix the different problems that come into the shop.
  • Online training for Detroit, Paccar and Cummins engines.
  • Specialty tooling to help lower the costs for technicians.
  • Advancement opportunities.

5. Are you a person who likes to figure out how things work mechanically?

Something to consider: Working as a technician for Schneider, you have the opportunity and will be provided the training to understand and work on all parts associated with trailers and semis. The work is constantly changing, making for fast-paced and interesting days.

6. Are you a team player or do you prefer working as an individual?

Something to consider: If you enjoy working in a team atmosphere, Schneider is a great place for you. We believe in sharing information between technicians at the shop and different locations. If a better way to accomplish a task is thought of or discovered, it is shared to every shop within the company.

We also have opportunities for people who enjoy working as an individual. Some Schneider diesel technicians work in remote areas, taking care of our fleet where vendors are holding our equipment and are not able to make to a shop.

7. Do you enjoy working with computers?

Something to consider: Having good computer skills is just one of the must-have diesel technician skills. Schneider requires technicians to use diagnostic programs that are run with laptops.

Our technicians use computers to fill out work order notes and warranty claims and send different files to engineers to help with diagnostics. They communicate through email and Skype with other technicians, leaders and engineers within corporate.

Enjoy your career as a diesel technician at Schneider.

Learn more about what opportunities we have available and see where a diesel technician career at Schneider could take you.

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Seth is Schneider’s technical college maintenance recruiter, helping aspiring diesel technicians find a rewarding career with Schneider. He has been with Schneider since June 2008, holding a variety of diesel technician roles including mobile communications platform champion, senior technician, senior lead technician and lead tire specialist.

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