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What is life like as a Dedicated truck driver?

Schneider Dedicated trucks line up in a parking lot.

Every good truck driver is dedicated to his or her profession, but a capital-“D” Dedicated truck driver has a specific type of truck driving job — one that offers a huge variety of choices coming in, and consistency once you pick one.

What does it mean to be a Dedicated truck driver?

Simply, a Dedicated truck driver hauls freight for one specific Dedicated customer, as opposed to hauling for many different customers as part of a large customer network (like with Van Truckload, Intermodal and many Tanker options).

The top three benefits of becoming a Dedicated driver:

  • Consistency – With just one customer, you can rely on predictable schedules.
  • Specialty – Choose from dry van, reefer, flatbed or other specialty customers.
  • Belonging – Become familiar with one customer that’ll feel like family.

To choose from all the Dedicated truck driving jobs, you’ll need to evaluate each job posting individually, since each customer has its own unique requirements, schedules and freight types.

What are Dedicated runs like?

The hallmark of Dedicated runs is predictability. Drive familiar lanes. Drop off and pick up at consistent locations. Get to know the people you meet along the way.

How much do Dedicated truck drivers make?

How much you make as a Dedicated driver is determined by the Dedicated customer you’re hauling freight for. Many Dedicated drivers earn over $80,000 per year.

You may get paid more to load and unload freight. Some pay per stop. Some per mile. Whatever the pay package is, you can be sure it factors in the specific nature of the work for that particular customer.

How often are Dedicated truck drivers home?

It depends entirely on the Dedicated customer you’re hauling freight for. Home time could be anything from daily to out for a couple weeks at a time.

“It depends” is the answer for every other general question too, because a one-size-fits-all answer can’t apply when every customer is different.

That’s the beauty of Dedicated: huge variety of customer options and consistency once you choose one.

A couple customer examples to showcase the variety available:

How does Schneider enhance the lifestyle of a Dedicated truck driver?

In addition to a greater variety of Dedicated accounts available, Schneider offers paid specialized Dedicated training and a variety of other benefits:

Interested in becoming a Dedicated truck driver?

If hauling freight for one customer intrigues you, explore the different customers that Schneider supports and available Dedicated driving jobs.

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