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Schneider Dedicated jobs spotlight: Driving cool equipment

Schneider Dedicated driver delivering UTV off trailer

Schneider’s Dedicated division hires drivers to haul for one specific Dedicated customer. Each Dedicated account is unique, so each Schneider Dedicated job is too — all with consistency being the hallmark of life as a Dedicated truck driver.

We’ve previously highlighted glass hauling and discount retailers among the huge variety of Dedicated accounts we support, and today we’re showcasing our account with a leading manufacturer of utility vehicles (UTV), all-terrain vehicles (ATV), golf carts and other recreational vehicles.

Custom engineering & cool equipment for drivers

When Schneider takes over delivery for a specific customer, transportation needs are evaluated from the ground up. Delivering UTVs is a complex process, creating challenges for both dealers and manufacturers.

Schneider’s engineering team performed onsite assessments, recommended innovations and ultimately implemented the following to improve safety, reliability and the driver experience:

  • Custom trailers: Over 50 custom double-decker dry van trailers were produced, including customized ramping technology with safety guardrails.
  • Account reference guides: Each dealership has a detailed profile with pertinent information to help drivers deliver with confidence, including where to park and unload, delivery windows and contact information.
  • Account-specific UTV driver training: In addition to general driver orientation, Schneider sets drivers up for success with a three-day training course for this account, which teaches:
    • How to safely drive the UTVs on and off the ramps.
    • Proper setup of the ramp.
    • Nuances of the custom-made trailer.

A sneak preview of this Dedicated account delivery

Always new Dedicated accounts to choose from

Schneider continues to land new and interesting Dedicated accounts — even since the coronavirus pandemic started.

A Dedicated job is a great career alternative for drivers seeking consistency, closer relationships with one specific customer, Dedicated routes and unique but reliable responsibilities.

What Schneider Dedicated job is closest to you?

Search all Dedicated driving jobs in your zip code today and sign up for alerts to stay updated on new accounts.

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