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OTR trucker lifestyle: What the long-haul life is really like

A Schneider Over-the-Road truck driver crossing a large bridge

More than 70 percent of Schneider drivers get home weekly or more, but many simply love as much of the open road as they can get — and the big money that comes with it. If that’s you, there’s nothing better than becoming a Schneider Over-the-Road (OTR) truck driver.

What is trucking OTR?

Over-the-Road truck drivers specialize in hauling freight longer distances than regional or local drivers. Many call them long-haul truckers, who travel the country for a few weeks at a time, with longer stretches of home time after.

Here are the top three benefits according to many drivers:

  • Paid travel – See the country and get paid to do it. Satisfy your travel bug.
  • Longer hauls – Let other drivers mess with short hauls and lots of stops. OTR loads are typically in the 500-900-mile range.
  • Bigger money – Earn more since you drive more. You’ll max out your mileage pay potential driving OTR.

What is it like to be an OTR driver?

Schneider offers some of the industry’s best OTR truck driving jobs — Team and Solo, Van Truckload, Dedicated, Tanker and LTL — but we also recognize that the OTR trucker lifestyle is much more than a job — it is a way of life that many drivers love.

Here are some of the ways our drivers describe the OTR trucker lifestyle:

“I have friends and family all over the country, so sometimes I’ll stop and see them; other times I’ll rent a car to check out the area. I just like being wherever I am.”
– Colleen, Schneider OTR driver
“I don’t think I ever run the same route twice. New is always better when I’m out on the road.”
– Joe, Schneider OTR driver
“I go out for a month, come home for five days, and I can’t wait to get back out on the road when home time is up. You’re away from friends and family so you might have to miss events, but you can be present for more when you proactively book home time months in advance.”
– Lynn, Schneider OTR driver

A common theme among OTR truckers is an independent spirit, enjoying the freedom of the open road. It’s not for everyone, but those suited for it excel at it.

How does Schneider enhance the OTR trucker lifestyle?

If you’re going to become a long-haul trucker, you want to make sure the company you’re with can at least consistently get you long hauls, get you home when you need and has the support you want while you are on the road.

Here’s what Schneider offers OTR truckers:

  • Steady, year-round freight covering all 48 contiguous states — there are always miles to put on the truck
  • Nationwide facility network packed with driver amenities like laundry, showers, maintenance, cafeterias and more
  • Top-notch pay and benefits — don’t overlook a benefits package that includes a leading 401(k) plan that helps you plan for your future
"As an over-the-road driver, I can say that Schneider is an excellent company. They’ll get you work and they’ll get you home on time. This is a good place to be."
– Matt

Upgrade to the OTR trucker lifestyle

If the open road is calling, it’s time for you to answer and become a long-haul trucker. Explore Schneider’s OTR driving opportunities, and hit the road!

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