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7 truck driver accessories to improve your life out on the road

A parked Schneider truck has an American flag-themed sun shade covering its front windshield to block the sun.

Whether you’re a regional or over-the-road driver, it’s important to follow a truck driver packing list to make sure you don’t leave home without any must-have items.

However, there are some truck driver accessories you probably didn’t consider when putting together your packing list. Although these accessories are by no means must-haves, they will make your life a little more convenient and comfortable when you’re a thousand miles away from home.

Or, maybe you’re the spouse of a truck driver looking for some last-minute gift ideas for the holidays? Whatever the case, check out these truck driver accessories you probably never considered.

7 truck driver accessories to add to your packing list

1. Seat cushion.

With the amount of time you are going to be sitting as a truck driver, you owe it to yourself to invest in a high quality, comfortable seat cushion. Your back will thank you for it.

2. Front seat organizer.

      A black front seat organizer is open, showing off various items like a water bottle, cords, pens and more.

      This caddy-style bag can attach to your passenger seat and store things like your cellphone, extra pens, reading glasses and sunglasses, your laptop and more. With this organizer, you’ll never feel tempted to just throw stuff on your seat again, and the items you need most will still be within arm’s reach.

      3. Sunshade cover for windshield, side windows and rear windows.

      A white Peterbilt truck that is parked next to a Schneider trailer has a white sun shade with black lettering covering its front windshield.

      Shade the interior of your truck with sun visors that go over the windshield, side windows and rear windows. If you tend to drive at night and sleep during the day, this is the perfect solution to help keep your truck dark and cool.

      4. Air seat blowgun kit.

      Air seat blow guns can be used to efficiently clean out the cab space in your truck. They’re typically easy to install – connect to the seat airline – and quickly clean floors, vents, controls and other nooks and crannies on the dash.

      5. Waterproof car trash can.

        Instead of using just a plastic bag as your trash can, purchase a waterproof trashcan specifically invented for cars and semi-trucks. Not only do waterproof trash cans look neater, but they are sturdy and prevent any liquids from leaking out. Plus, they can be strapped to the passenger seat and carried like a backpack.

        6. 12-volt fan with mounting clip.

          A small, black portable fan with a 12-volt plug and mounting clip.

          When you need a little extra air circulation in your truck, a 12-volt fan that can plug into the 12-volt outlet and clamp to just about anywhere, is the perfect solution.

          7. Portable TV antenna.

          Relax after a long day of driving by watching TV in your cab. In order to get local channels, a portable TV antenna is a must. Most portable TV antennas can pick up local broadcast channels from 50+ miles away and require little to no assembly.

            Need more than truck driver accessories to make your driving job better?

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