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2018 Schneider trucks feature APUs, fridges, better mattresses

Freightliner Cascadia P4

Schneider continually listens to driver feedback and tests truck prototypes to meet the needs of drivers and our business.

We’re proud to announce 2018 truck specifications (specs) packed with new and improved features that our drivers asked for, with different trucks spec’d for Team and solo drivers.

New Team Truck Spec

New 2018 Team trucks will now stay Team trucks throughout their lifecycle before hitting the market through Schneider’s used fleet sales. Teams will continue to get newer trucks more often, with an average Team fleet age of eight months.

Fridge inside a new Schneider truck

Features include:

  • Factory-installed refrigerator and storage cabinets above – optimal fit, and cold food available when you want it
  • Built-in SiriusXM radio with subscription – keep listening to what you love; stop paying for it
  • New 8-inch memory foam mattress – higher quality sleep on the road
  • More fuel-efficient rear axle
  • Testing upgraded seats for consideration in 2019 truck purchases

New Solo Truck Spec

While Team trucks are often moving over 20 hours a day by alternating drivers, solo drivers stop for longer durations, so we’re adding more driver comfort features new in 2018 for a better driver experience both behind the wheel and in the sleeper berth.

APU controls on a new Schneider truck

Features include:

  • Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) on most new trucks – unlimited power inverter run time, air conditioning without idling, fewer manual regens needed
  • Factory-installed refrigerator and storage cabinets above
  • New 8-inch memory foam mattress
  • External SiriusXM antennae now built into dash

A Closer Look at Schneider’s 2018 Freightliner Cascadia Truck Spec

Most Schneider tractors are Freightliners, with the latest spec being the new 2019 Freightliner Cascadia. We also call it the P4 to differentiate it from the Classic Cascadia. Schneider also operates a few Kenworths and Internationals.

Side profile of the Schneider Freightliner P4 truck shows a winding road decal along the door and front quarter panel
Freightliner Cascadia P4 Interior

More Truck Spec Highlights

While each year introduces new features, popular existing features continue to be part of the spec, including:

  • Automated transmissions – now over two-thirds of our fleet is automated, and drivers of all experience levels love it.
  • Power inverters – use more comforts from home on the road, including microwaves, coffee makers and TVs.
  • High torque DD13 and DD15 engines
  • Top safety equipment including electronic stability control and collision mitigation systems
  • Leading fuel-efficient investments to maximize MPG — a key driver performance pay metric
  • Electronic logs – federally mandated since late 2017, but we’ve had since 2010
  • High-reserve-capacity batteries for improved off-engine electrical capacity

Learn more about Schneider’s equipment and technology.

Frequently Asked Questions About Schneider’s New 2018 Truck Spec

When will the new trucks arrive?

We already have trucks with the new spec in the fleet that were part of our prototype tests. New units will begin arriving in May 2018.

Which drivers get a new truck?

A variety of factors contribute to who gets the newest equipment, including age and condition of the current truck, location, work configuration and seniority. Our average fleet age is three years.

Why won’t all new trucks have an APU?

Team tractors, day cabs and those in certain Dedicated accounts do not have APUs based on limited non-drive time spent in the sleeper berth. Tanker tractors (weight and space constraints) also do not have APUs.

White Freightliner Cascadia P4

Trucks have come a long way since your grandfather’s cabover with no power steering and air conditioning. Today’s tractors are modern marvels, and we’re excited to continue working with our Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to innovate on equipment, technology, safety components, fuel efficiencies and driver comfort.

Schneider’s fleet contains trucks with varying model years and specs, some of which may not be available at any given time or location. Drivers are encouraged to contact their team leader for more detailed truck spec information.

Ready to hit the road?

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