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"We try to encourage people to react, to make changes, to be creative... Customers say what's amazing is the quality of our associates. They are people who are committed, enthusiastic and on the ball."

Don Schneider, former CEO and Chairman of the Board


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Real-Life Examples

Many associates follow the career paths laid out above, but some have taken the road less traveled. Here are a few of their stories:

Schneider Associate, Ben
Ben Schuchart
Chicago STM Regional VP
Chicago, IL

“For a new associate, I recommend being successful in your current role to develop your career path ... utilize the wealth of training and development opportunities Schneider has to offer to grow.”

  • Joined Schneider in 2000 as a Support Shift Associate
  • Promoted to Support Shift Customer Service Team Leader
  • Transferred into Schneider Transportation Management (STM)
  • Became the Brokerage Manager in Indianapolis in 2005
  • Accepted position of Chicago Sales Operations Manager in 2006
  • Advanced to Regional Carrier Operations Manager in 2008
  • Soon became Regional Sales Operations Manager in 2009
  • Promoted to Regional Vice President of Chicago Office for STM

Schneider Associate Kristy
Kristy Kofnetka
Recruiting Leader
Green Bay, WI

“At first it was a challenge being a young, female leader in a predominantly male industry, but it has been very rewarding and I have built some great relationships over the years.”

  • Started in 1993 as a Customer Service Representative
  • Promoted to Transportation Planner for 18 months
  • Another promotion quickly followed to Team Coordinator
  • Took a position as a Driver Business Leader for 45 Specialized Drivers
  • Moved into a Customer Services Manager in Logistics
  • Earned a degree in Human Resources in 2009
  • Joined the Corporate Recruiting Team
  • Promoted to Recruiting Leader, managing six associates

Schneider Associate John
John Prochniak
Regional Operations Manager
Green Bay, WI

“The organization offers many challenging career paths. Focus on demonstrating strong personal commitment levels and make contributions to the business everyday. From there, grow into it!”

  • Joined Schneider in 1986 as a Transportation Planner
  • Moved into a Dedicated Operations role in 1990
  • Became Senior Team Leader of Van Operations in Green Bay
  • Moved into Senior Team Leader role in brokerage
  • Became Customer Service Manager for Northeast region in 1998
  • Managed Customer Service on one of our largest accounts
  • Promoted to Senior Customer Service Manager 
  • Became Senior Customer Service Manager for Van Truckload
  • Accepted position of Regional Operations Manager for Recruiting

Schneider Associate Ann
Ann Harcrow
Pacific Northwest Division Manager
Portland, OR

"Don't be afraid of lateral moves. Make geographical moves if you can. Try to win drivers' hearts (safety, integrity, respect)."

  • Started as a Driver Business Leader in 1987
  • Took on role of Senior Service Team Leader
  • Got married and needed to relocate to Indiana.
  • Became a Driver Field Recruiter.
  • Moved to Sacramento, CA as a Driver Field Recruiter in 1992
  • Soon became Recruiting Manager for the entire west coast
  • Named Operations Manager of Sacramento office in 1995
  • Promoted to Operating Center Manager in Portland, OR
  • Accepted position of Regional Director
  • Promoted to Division Manager of the Pacific Northwest Division

Schneider Associate Wayne
Wayne Carlson
Learning and Development Specialist
Green Bay, WI

“The opportunities to move within the organization are wonderful. If you have an interest in the trucking industry, Schneider is a great place to work and grow your knowledge.”

  • Served as a truck driver in the Army
  • Joined Schneider as a Team driver in 1991
  • Became a solo driver a year later
  • Continued to drive, but took on driver development responsibilities
  • Became a Training Engineer and took new hires out on the road
  • Moved into Operations Support — an office job focused on driving
  • Became a Driver Business Leader (DBL), managing a team of drivers
  • Went back to driving for six months
  • Returned to DBL position
  • Attended a seminar with the Learning and Development team
  • Volunteered to help with training sessions across the company
  • Took on permanent role as Learning and Development Specialist

We want you to make your Schneider career whatever you want it to be. If you want to start at an entry level position and leap your way up to the top, we will encourage you along the way. If you find a role that you love and want to stay in for years, we’ll support that, too. Whatever path you choose, we’re confident you’ll make a difference here.

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