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How many cents per mile does Schneider pay?
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May 22, 2017

“How many cents per mile?”

For many truck drivers, that’s the most important driver pay question. … But is it the best question to ask when trying to fully understand and compare driver pay?

Not necessarily. Cents per mile is only one variable in the driver pay equation (what contributes to your W-2), and driver pay is only one variable in the overall driver compensation equation (including benefits and company perks).

That’s not overcomplicating it. That’s being honest about it.

Here are three quick driver pay case studies that show exactly what we mean to help you compare apples to apples …

3 ways to get to $50,000+

Every example below represents a real pay package from a real Schneider driver, and all are fairly common pay arrangements, depending on which driving opportunity you choose.

  1. Low cents per mile + high miles + high accessorial pay potential = $50,000+
  2. Medium cents per mile + medium miles + medium accessorial pay potential = $50,000+
  3. High cents per mile + low miles + low accessorial pay potential = $50,000+

So, how many cents per mile does Schneider pay?

$0.33, $0.43, $0.57 or just about anything in between.

That’s why it’s so important to look at the entire pay package with each driving job you explore.

An Over-the-Road driver can rack up massive miles. A Dedicated driver could pick an account with live unloads. A Tanker driver will be rewarded for the built-in accessorial pay that comes with that type of freight. A local Intermodal driver will primarily get paid by the load and by the mile.

Instead of asking, “How many cents per mile does Schneider pay?” try asking, “How much can I expect to earn on this Schneider position with my experience level?”

I’d love to say Schneider pays X cents per mile no matter what, but that’s not fair to you as a prospective driver or to the variety of driving opportunities you can choose from. There is no average at Schneider. You can get what you want to get out of a driving job.

Schneider offers the whole package.

At Schneider, you’ll receive more than just a paycheck. As a driver, you’ll have options for health, dental vision, flexible spending and more.
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Pat has been with Schneider for 36 years, and is currently Senior Transformation Partner for Driver and Owner-Operator Compensation and Hire-to-Pay Processes. He works to ensure accurate and timely compensation that is market competitive and performance based, designed to attract and retain driver associates. He has held several other roles, including Regional Operation Director, Director of Van Operations Support, Director of Pay Services and Operation Center Manager.