Schneider driver hiring process: Final steps after accepting your employment offer

By The Schneider Guy Jul 10, 2017
Schneider new driver hires

You’ve gone through most of the Schneider driver hiring process: You searched, researched, applied, interviewed, got an employment offer and accepted the driving job with Schneider — how exciting!

Now what?!

First, relax. You’re making a great decision to join the Schneider team. We have thousands of drivers who could confirm that for you, and any cold-feet feeling will be long gone your first day of orientation. You’ll complete the hiring process and hit the open road in no time!

What’s the hiring process once you accept a Schneider truck driving job?

  1. Setting orientation date: We’ll work with you to set an orientation date that works well for you. Once that’s set, we’ll have a spot reserved just for you!
  2. Getting orientation instructions: We’ll send you your orientation instructions, which will include the date, location, a brief overview and transportation and hotel details (don’t worry, that cost is on us!).
  3. Completing employment requirements: You’ll complete a DOT Physical, DOT pre-employment drug screen, pre-employment hair collection drug screen, background checks and some additional paperwork, plus any requirements for your particular driving job.
  4. Attending paid orientation: The keys to your truck are so close!

What will Schneider’s orientation be like?

Orientation is the culmination of the driver hiring process, and we’ve broken down everything you need to know for both new CDL holders and experienced drivers:

New CDL Holder Orientation
Experienced Driver Orientation

What resources are available for new Schneider drivers?

  • Your orientation materials: You’ll get tons of helpful information during orientation. It may feel overwhelming at times, but you’ll be glad to have access to it any time.
  • Crossroads/Schneider Compass: You’ll learn more about this in orientation, but it’s essentially a secret portal giving our driver associates 24/7 access to important internal information. We’re moving from an existing platform called “Crossroads” to an exciting new portal called “Schneider Compass” in 2017! We also send helpful info straight to your truck’s mobile communications platform.
  • This “Slice of Orange” blog: You’re reading a blog post now, but have you explored other blog posts yet? The driver category contains more than 100 posts, many written by drivers and all written for drivers just like you — whether you’re just starting the hiring process or a seasoned veteran.
  • Our people: Your driver leader, your driver support phone numbers, your fellow drivers, the Schneider social media community and more — the people here are amazing. It won’t take long to find that out.

Still looking for more?

We have an entire section of our website just for inexperienced drivers. Check it out to learn more and have your questions answered.

Inexperienced Drivers

Any questions about next steps in Schneider’s driver hiring process? … Or if you’ve read this far and haven’t applied yet, what are you waiting for? Search and apply now, then refer back here once you get your employment offer!

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