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Military pay program changes give drivers more bang for the buck

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Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, Schneider’s Credit for Military Experience Program made changes that will allow some applicants to receive a higher pay credit.

The new change will allow those currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves and those who transitioned within 12 months from the military to be recognized as a one-year experienced driver.

Previously, those in a non-driving capacity in the military were eligible for 25 percent of their time served, while those that did drive in the military were eligible for 100 percent.

Pay overview based on Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code

Non-driving MOS: Applicant will be recognized as 1-year experienced driver.

  • Pay: 1 year of experience.
  • Tractor trailer experience: 1 year.
  • Benefits: Take effect after 60 days of hire date.
  • Sign-on bonus: Eligible for experienced sign-on bonus.

Driving MOS: Applicant will be given tractor-trailer experience equivalent to the time in their driving MOS.

  • Pay: Match your military driving MOS.
  • Tractor-trailer experience: Match your military driving MOS.
  • Benefits: Match your military driving MOS.
  • Sign-on bonus: Match your military driving MOS.

Additional military program benefits

  • Schneider’s Military Apprenticeship Program will allow a candidate to earn up to an additional $1,431 per month — up from $1,266 in 2019 — during their first year on top of any weekly earnings.
  • Guaranteed home time for weekend drill and annual training without using paid time off.
  • Extended benefits and differential pay if deployed for up to 18 months.

Ready to get credit for your military experience?

Call a military recruiter at 866-VETS-CDL or 866-838-7235, or get a head start with our military pre-qualification profile

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Courtney Zahn joined Schneider as a Driver Recruiter in June 2017. In her time with Schneider, she has worked with new CDL holders and experienced drivers; she has also participated in multiple Facebook live events to promote Schneider’s commitment to safety and excellence.

Courtney is a 2012 graduate of UW-La Crosse and currently lives in Hobart with her fiancé Mitch.

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