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Cameron T: Leveraging Schneider’s diesel technician training

Cameron T stands in front of a blue semi-truck while wearing blue Schneider coveralls and safety glasses on his head.

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After completing his service in the Marines back in 2011, Cameron T joined Schneider’s Charlotte, North Carolina shop. Although he had no prior maintenance experience, he felt like becoming a diesel technician was the right decision.

“I was looking for a career where I could learn a trade, at a company that was military-friendly,” Cameron said. “I really enjoy working with my hands and fixing things.”

And it was the right decision because after eight years with Schneider, Cameron is now a Master Maintenance Technician. He grew his career by taking full advantage of Schneider’s on-the-job diesel technician training.

“When I first started at Schneider, some of the jobs were a little bit intimidating because I didn’t have any experience,” Cameron said. “But now that I’ve had all this training and mentorships, I feel confident about the repairs I put out in the shop.”

Taking advantage of mentors early in his career

Cameron spent his first year at Schneider inspecting trucks, working in the express bay and taking advantage of Schneider’s training and mentorship opportunities as a Diesel Technician I.

Cameron said he wouldn’t have reached the success he did as an inexperienced technician without the mentors he worked with.

“When you’re on the floor working with the system trainers, if you have any questions, they’re right there to help,” Cameron said. “But they also let you go and use the information you just learned to figure out what the problem is. But they’re there if you run into a situation and can help you along.”

Using training opportunities to progress his skills

As time went on, Cameron was immersed in more complicated trainings and repairs and was promoted to Diesel Technician II and then Senior Tractor Technician. After receiving his Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification, Cameron became a Master Maintenance Technician.

Cameron said the basic training he received when he was new to Schneider helped lay a foundation for his career journey, but the ongoing training he’s received in recent years is what’s helped him continue to grow his skills.

“There’s always new equipment and technology coming out, so the training team is always coming up with new courses for us,” Cameron said. “They do a good job of keeping everyone up to date about what we’re working on.”

And even as a skilled and experienced technician, Cameron said he isn’t afraid to still ask for help.

“The training team, the engineers, everybody is always available,” Cameron said. “Even to this day, if I still run into an issue, I can reach out to somebody and get assistance.”

Growing into a leader and mentor himself

The team atmosphere and the willingness to help one another is one reason why Cameron stays at Schneider.

But the satisfaction he feels when helping inexperienced diesel technicians advance their skills, the same way more experienced techs worked with him when he was still new, is really what keeps Cameron motivated day-in and day-out.

“I started at Schneider not knowing a lot, and now people come to me for assistance,” Cameron said. “I like that. I like to teach and train and mentor other technicians. I like to see other technicians grow the way I did.”

Start or grow your diesel technician career at Schneider

Whether you’re just starting in the field or are a 20-year veteran, Schneider has the opportunities and training to help grow your career even more.

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