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CVSA International Roadcheck 2022 to focus on wheel ends

A truck driver wearing a hat and sunglasses kneels to inspect his semi-truck's wheel.

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The 2022 Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) International Roadcheck, scheduled for May 17-19, is quickly approaching. As a truck driver, it is your responsibility to be prepared if you are stopped by an inspector during this 72-hour period. 

What is the CVSA International Roadcheck? 

During the CVSA Roadcheck, commercial motor vehicle inspectors will be conducting inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers in the United States, Mexico and Canada. 

In most cases, inspectors will conduct the North American Standard Level I Inspection, which focuses on confirming the following are in proper working order on a driver’s truck: 

  • Brake systems. 
  • Cargo securement. 
  • Coupling devices. 
  • Driveline/driveshaft components. 
  • Driver’s seat. 
  • Exhaust systems. 
  • Frames. 
  • Fuel systems. 
  • Lighting devices. 
  • Steering mechanisms. 
  • Suspensions. 
  • Tires. 
  • Van and open-top trailer bodies. 
  • Wheels, rims and hubs. 
  • Windshield wipers. 

If violations are found, the vehicle will be placed out of service, which means it cannot be operated until the identified out-of-service conditions have been corrected. Or if a driver violation is found, the driver will be placed out of service. 

2021 CVSA Roadcheck results 

According to the CVSA, in 2021, inspectors performed 23,135 Level I Inspections and removed 5,048 vehicles (21.8%) and 1,200 (5.2%) drivers from roadways due to the discovery of critical vehicle or driver inspection item violations. 

2022 International Roadcheck focus: Wheel ends 

Each year, inspectors focus on a main inspection category to capture and report data on. This year, the CVSA has decided to focus on wheel ends. 

This has been picked as the focus because violations involving wheel end components have accounted for roughly one quarter of vehicle out-of-service violations in past years’ roadchecks. 

What will inspectors be looking for when checking wheel ends? 

In addition to conducting a normal inspection, officials will pay special attention to wheel end related issues such as: 

  • Cracks or unseated locking rings, studs or clamps. 
  • Bent, cracked or broken rims on the inside and outside of wheel rims. 
  • Loose, broken, missing or damaged wheel fasteners and elongated stud holes. 
  • Cracks across spokes and in the web area or slippage in the clamp areas. 
  • Lubricant leaks in and around hubs. 
  • Inner wheel seal leaks. 
  • Tire and valve stem leaks. 
  • Proper inflation, cuts and bulges on all tires. 
  • Regrooved tires on steering axel. 
  • Tread wear. 
  • Improper sidewall repairs. 
  • Exposed fabric or cord. 
  • Tire contact with any other part of the vehicle. 
  • Debris between tires. 

What can truck drivers do to prepare for wheel end inspections? 

Professional drivers can prepare for the 2022 CVSA Roadcheck on May 17-19 by keeping a close eye out for any of the wheel end issues listed above on both their tractors and trailers.  

If they see any of these issues on their current tractor or trailer before the 72-hour roadcheck, they should try to get it repaired as soon as possible. 

What items should truck drivers have ready for the roadcheck? 

Be prepared if approached by a CVSA inspector during the roadcheck by having the following ready: 

  • Commercials Driver’s License (CDL). 
  • Medical Examiner’s Certificate/Skill Performance Evaluation Certificate (if applicable). 
  • Up-to-date permits, registration and insurance. 
  • Driver’s record of duty status (blank paper logs). 
  • In-cab device instruction/visor card. 
  • IFTA International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) sticker. 

Want to enhance your overall driver safety?

Prepare for this year’s CVSA International Roadcheck by brushing up on your safety skills. Learn new safety tips and tricks by checking out all our safety-related blogs.

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