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12 professional New Year’s resolutions you should try

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It’s a new year and fresh start and you may have already made your personal New Year’s resolution, but what about a professional New Year’s resolution that focuses on development?

Here are 12 ideas – (one for each month) – for you when trying to start a new year with career and professional development goals you would like to achieve:

Professional New Years resolution ideas

  1. One simple word: resume. Update your resume. Make sure it is in tip-top shape and ready at any moment to hand over for that next promotion.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile: Don’t have one – make one. If you have one, it should be an electronic version of your resume. There are so many great features you can take advantage of on LinkedIn to make you shine.
  3. Network or join a professional group. Are you looking to move to a new area or trying to build your professional network? Then join a professional group like Green Bay’s Current – for those young professionals looking for more! #YOLO
  4. Shop till you drop! Spice up your closet and purchase some epic professional clothes that will make you feel stronger about your personal brand!
  5. Meditate and reflect. Take time while you are developing your professional self to meditate about your accomplishments and to take away any daily stresses you might encounter during the year.
  6. Set up informational interviews. Contact an individual whose role you are interested in and ask to get an informational interview. It might be good to find out their past professional experiences and how they were able to accomplish the dream job you are looking for.
  7. Find a mentor. Build a mentorship with someone you look up to and that can provide you with objective, professional feedback. Bounce ideas, presentations and even your resume off them.
  8. Exercise. It’s not only good for you physically, but mentally and professionally as well. You will be able to come into work every day ready and waiting for the day’s new challenges!
  9. Volunteer. It will ground you. Sometimes in the daily grind, we forget about the community we work in and for. It will help you to give back and make you feel good about yourself too!
  10. Apply for promotions. If you want that next role, you must take risks and apply. The right role will be out there for you, and it will be calling your name.
  11. Revamp your 30-second commercial. You want to be at your best when networking with someone for the first time. As Will Rogers stated, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”
  12. Practice interviewing. Have you ever thought about doing mock interviews with your friends or family members? They are great resources to practice your interviewing skills on to help you be the most prepared for an interview when you are developing yourself professionally.

Are you looking for more resources on how to professionally develop yourself in the new year? Check out our candidate resources page.

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